SEO Practices to Avoid Traffic Loss During Site Migration

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If you are a business with an online presence, there are plenty of reasons why you may choose to go through with a site migration. Do you want to update your website’s design to improve user experience (UX)? Are you trying to increase your site’s speed? Migrating your site may be the right choice for you.

When it comes to SEO implications, there are some risks to implementing a website migration. If your old site is already optimized, it is critical to transfer all the optimized content and data onto your new site. Once your new site is published, it will retain its rankings with Google and other search engines.

At Tandem Interactive, our South Florida digital marketing agency, we ensure your site migration goes smoothly and avoids common SEO pitfalls with the affordable SEO services we offer.

Right before and after the site migration, our SEO team will dedicate time to making sure the transition to the new site goes smoothly. We’ll also monitor for any fluctuations in performance and rankings. Our goal is to make sure you do not lose significant organic traffic once your new site goes live.

Site Migration Checklist

These are the three most important things that need to be taken care of during the site migration process and before the new site goes live:


If the site’s URL and domain will change or if there are any changes in the site’s URL structure, we’ll have to make sure the old URL pages are redirected to the new URL pages. We’ll need to know from your web developer of any URL and URL structure changes, so that all the necessary redirects are completed before the site goes live.

Meta Data

The page titles, meta descriptions, H1s, H2s, et cetera, that are currently on the site are optimized and it’s important that all these elements are transferred over onto the new site. We’ll make sure to remind your web developer of this during the website migration progress.


Hyperlinking and hyperlinked keywords within the site’s content also need to be properly redirected should there be any changes in URLs or URL structure. Updating the Site Map to reflect any changes will be part of our Technical SEO tasks.

Website Migration Questionnaire

For a smooth and problem-free site migration, our team will likely ask your web developer these questions they are migrating your site:

  1. Will you be maintaining the same permalinks when you copy over the site files? (Will the URL stay the same?)
  1. Could you make sure to copy over all the Meta Data when migrating the site?
  1. Could you give us access to the staging site before it goes live, so we can check if all the necessary redirects, meta data, and interlinking were completed?

What We Do After A Site Migration

Right before and after the switch date, we will start sending you regular Benchmark Reports. These will be detailed reports that will help us monitor any fluctuations in organic traffic to your site. We’ll be sending out one per week for the first few weeks after a website migration.

Drops of no more than 10% are generally to be expected. If there are any more than that, our team will be able to notice it right away and address any issues. These weekly Benchmarks will monitor:

  • Number of Backlinks (typically the biggest culprit behind fluctuations)
  • Site Rankings
  • Site Speed (a key factor Google considers when ranking your site)
  • And other highlights

Want to learn more about how our SEO marketing and PPC agency can help you maintain your rankings and organic traffic during a site migration? A member of our team will happily guide you through our extensive selection of services and affordable prices.

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