Search ‘Experience’ Optimization

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Long gone are the days of manipulating Google’s algorithm to rank higher in the SERPs. Now it’s all about Searcher’s Experience.

Just as all technology cycles through varying iterations; web 1.0, web 2.0, the “internet of things”, optimization is no different. Google updates have reached a point where almost all trickery, for the most part, will no longer work. SEO firms in Fort Lauderdale, like Tandem Interactive, have changed their strategies to adapt. The industry change has given birth to a new term, a change in the common nomenclature that is Search Engine Optimization. Now, we are in the age of Search EXPERIENCE Optimization.

Google’s priority has always been to deliver the best possible results to users; it’s that simple. In the beginning, PageRank was the algorithm that gave Google a competitive edge; it’s what allowed for relevant and important content to be delivered to users in search results. Alas, it was easily mani06pulated, and once SEO firms discovered its secrets, they sold Search Engine Optimization services to the masses.

RankBrain, Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird changed all of that. Google is much more focused on delivering quality content from trusted, efficient websites to all users. Trickery is out and Search Experience Optimization is in.

Tandem Interactive, like any good SEO firm, has always avoided tricks. A good Search Experience Optimization strategy aims to connect the right user to the right company, and in a meaningful way. Although blackhat SEO tactics may still garner positive results quickly, this is temporary, and is likely to result in a Google penalty or a tank in rankings.

One major shift that SEO firms in Fort Lauderdale and around the nation are picking up on is the need for quality content and web developers to not only understand how to produce it, but the importance of integrating SEO into the development process.  The best content writers train to understand web management programs and communicate with web developers during website construction, which is now an important and integral part of the SEO and web-development process in order for a site to rank.

Search Experience Optimization is about the entire consumer experience and the journey through the customer purchasing funnel. So, what’s the future look like for SEO? What will SEO 3.0 be like? Current trajectories see the full integration between web development, marketing, SEO, and even psychology. It may be a disappearance of traditional marketing and sales professionals, and the growth of social media and PR experts. The questions is, is your brand, business, or digital marketing agency ready for the change?