How Digital Marketing Helps to Increase Golf Course Revenue

golf balls spilling out onto grass

Digital marketing and SEO is a great way to increase revenue for your golf course.

Digital marketing has begun to take over the advertising world. Through quick connection to customers and direct platforms to share information, digital marketing is the best way to increase golf course revenue and grow your business. Golf courses provide a social setting for people to connect. Obtaining a membership from a club or course, mingling with others after a round, or talking business on the course are all aspects of golf that bring people together. Do not let this opportunity pass you by. While the revenue coming from members and regular visitors will allow your business to stay consistent, let Tandem Interactive show you how a few, easy site optimizations can help increase golf course revenue.

Increase golf course revenue through your golf shop by creating unique and fun merchandise to share on social platforms. If you are trying to sell golf shirts that have your business logo on the top corner you may notice these shirts are not necessarily flying off the shelves. Take location, season, and the client into consideration when you are deciding on what merchandise to produce. A little humor or golf pun, some color, or original designs can go a long way. Create a niche for your golf course, something that can set you apart from others, and then portray it through your digital avenues. Take advantage of what you have and market these products through your website and keep up with email updates. Enthusiastic photos of golfers in your merchandise store will also correlate positivity with your patrons. Associate your brand with the way you want your golfers to feel on the course.

Social media is something a company cannot get enough of. You can increase golf course revenue simply by staying current on your social platforms. When your golfers “check-in” on Facebook, you are reaching every single one of their friends and followers. This is free advertising, so it is a great asset to offer incentives upon checking in. Tandem Interactive suggests regularly updating your news feed with enticing content and information will keep your clients engaged. We know that keeping up with social media can be a chore in itself. Tandem Interactive can take off the work load and optimize your social media sites in order to increase golf course revenue.

Use your website and social platforms to show food and beverage specials. One way to increase golf course revenue is to offer a happy hour on your slowest days. You can also tell visitors and members that they get free beer after they check-in on Facebook, or a free lunch for the 100th person to “like” a photo on Instagram. The possibilities are endless! Statistics show that when you “give away” an item, the customer is more likely to spend more money. If you get a free beer, your friends are more likely to purchase one and have a drink with you.

Online incentives are another great way to increase golf course revenue. When you focus on optimizing sales from an already existing and regular customer, you are essentially giving yourself a bonus. Take advantage of these opportunities. Offer an annual referral program or a free round of golf if they bring a new golfer with them. Giving your regular customer a free round will only benefit you when them and their guest comes back for another. Consider other programs like these to best suit your course and your golfers.

Connect with other businesses through digital marketing. Tandem Interactive can help you get connected with other websites that will help you increase golf course revenue. With specialization in link building, we will increase your website’s traffic by connecting you with potential customers. More website traffic means more traffic of golfers gearing up to hit that tee time!

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