Effective Information Hierarchy for Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization Information Hierarchy

Landing pages are the prime location for marketers to tell the company’s brand story. Laying out information in a way that the reader needs to hear it. Effective information hierarchy can do wonders for your conversion rates. Thinking more like a storyteller then a marketer can deliver landing page optimization to the pages on your website. At Tandem Interactive, Fort Lauderdale’s digital marketing agency, we share some helpful tips to consider next time you begin to design a landing page.

Take the Simple, But Effective Approach.

Establish the path you want the conversation to be between your landing page and the visitor. Guiding them naturally to your CTA, turning them into an active visitor and possible lead/sale, versus a passive viewer. Working out your information hierarchy on paper before the development stage is a more effective plan of attack when generating landing page optimization.

From Headline to Testimonials.

When placing information on your different website pages, work beginning with the most important and end with the least. Your headliners should be the answers to your audience’s questions. They should then be backed up by further, in-depth explanations, like a list of detailed points. Lists are a great format to use when you want to convey key offers or points; they stand out from a traditional block of text. From there, you want to feature proof or testimonials to reinforce your business’ creditably. This will create trust between you and your audience.

Use Your Page Real Estate Wisely.

At Tandem Interactive, Fort Lauderdale’s digital marketing agency, we recommend looking at your site as a sales opportunity to grow and gain more customers when building out landing pages. Especially regarding the space above the fold of the website, the possibility always holds that they may not scroll down. You do not want your CTA to be down by the footer where people may never see. One option to consider to avoid this is by using lightboxes to hide secondary information. Having a clickable button will trigger the lightbox and pop up with the expanded information. This element will offer an overall cleaner look for your site with a direct story and message between it, resulting in landing page optimization: a win-win all around.

Design Aesthetics.

Be mindful of how UI design can boost click rates and raise the overall viewing of your site. Presenting a clear, cohesive layout and design geared for your target audience shows the viewers your level of professionalism and trustworthiness. People may pick another company over yours simply because they prefer the colors that were used on your competitor’s site. This is why it is important to invest the time into optimizing your landing pages from the start; it will pay off in the long run.

Following some of these helpful tips to gain better landing page optimization for your website will do wonders for your numbers and sales. Sometimes the smallest adjustment can lead to a huge improvement. Make sure to do your research prior to making changes, or reach out to a digital marketing agency like Tandem Interactive to handle this transition and any other marketing needs.