Digital vs. Traditional Marketing Further Explained

Discovering the balance between digital vs. traditional marketing for your business is key or you may discover one outshines the other in respect to what marketing efforts your company needs to grow.

Digital vs. traditional marketing has been a prevalent discussion since digital marketing began to thrive in the 2000s. Over the years, many companies have exercised both practices efficiently. As time continues, our world increasingly becomes more and more digital. While many may propose that digital marketing is officially the front runner in the marketing world, we can examine where the line begins to blur and digital marketing begins to pull ahead. Tandem Interactive is a boutique digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale that specializes in creating the best digital marketing platforms, designed to make any business prosper.

When beginning to analyze various marketing techniques, such as digital vs. traditional marketing, it can be argued that digital provides a solution to the problems that traditional proposes. In the same respect, the pros to traditional marketing are often out shined by the ample benefits of digital techniques.

Digital vs. Traditional Marketing Expanded:

Visual Aids

One of the best benefits of traditional marketing is giving your consumer a hard copy of something to promote your business. Whether this constitutes a flyer or physical discount incentive, it is true that many people value being personally handed a hard copy of something to create a connection. Physical visual aids are also long lasting. If you place a flyer for a business in a drawer, later down the road you may come back across it and interest may spark to pay a visit to that business. While this is a great element of traditional marketing, Tandem Interactive suggests that the world of technology we live in provides a greater benefit in our time. While online advertisements, coupons, and incentives run the risk of being swiped over, there is something people love these days about having everything you need on your handheld device. Providing coupons at your customer’s fingertips will ensure you do not lose business. Whereas if that coupon was left at home, your customer is more likely to pass up on a purchase if they are required to return with the physical coupon. This is where you run the risk of losing that sale.

Television & Radio Commercials

In the past, having a company successful enough to afford a commercial on television was a great accomplishment. The issue here is that the price of commercial slots in a world of DVR and fast forward features runs a risk for return. Luckily, television commercials will still continue to provide successful advertisement for many companies. As for radio, while there are loyal listeners, we live in a day and age where all cars are coming equipped with Bluetooth, providing the ability for listeners to connect to the music source that they desire. Satellite radio users have also been reported to increase year by year.


When it comes to digital vs. traditional marketing, digital really takes the cake with campaigns. It is almost impossible to run any sort of successful campaign these days without posting on social media accounts, emailing customers, or other various digital practices. Tandem Interactive states that here is where the line blurs. We live in a world where digital marketing has proven to thrive without traditional marketing; however, the opposite cannot be stated as the same. We see online-only companies thrive while brick and mortar businesses only better benefit from additional digital marketing. A company will be less likely to succeed entering further in our society without digital marketing.