Attracting Younger Customers to Your Golf Course

How to Hit a Hole-in-One with Gen Z

Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world. Even with it's rich history, many golf courses find it difficult attracting younger customers.

The reason for getting out on a golf course varies from player to player. While one golfer may simply enjoy a round with friends, the other may be closing a deal amongst business partners. From serious to lighthearted, from old to young, you are likely to find a variety of players out on the course. A secret key to success is having the ability to appeal to all types of individuals. Tandem will help you unlock the door to digital marketing that will ensure your golf course thrives! Maintaining class while still attracting younger customers will give you an edge up over other courses and clubs in your area.

Website optimization has the ability to make or break your business. You are operating your establishment in a time where everything is functioning on a digital level. You may already have your regular golfers, but how do you appeal to all golfers? Younger generations who understand and appreciate the passion of golf are your key targets to further grow your clientele. Attracting younger customers can be accomplished through digital marketing. For example, if a golfer in their mid-20s uses a mobile device to look up nearby courses, they tap on one of the courses in the search results. If that mobile website has a small font, requires you to excessively zoom in, or appears to lack “on the go” accessibility, it is very likely that individual will quickly hit the back button and continue down the list without even giving your course a second thought. It is important to be mobile-friendly to continue attracting younger customers; however, being mobile-friendly will appeal to all generations, as almost everyone goes about their daily lives while operating a smartphone. Easy reading and large tap buttons will set you aside from others.

Aside from being mobile-friendly, it is important that you optimize your website. Individuals ranging from 20 – 30 years old spend more of their free time reading blogs than any other age group does. If you update your website with interesting and engaging content, you are well on your way to attracting younger customers. Generation Y thrives off of social media and sharing. If they love your course and website, their friends and social connections will know of it. Make sure your social media sites are fun, up to date, and stay connected. Tandem Interactive is available to help add content to your website, provide guidance for social media, and implement other optimization tools that will help your website and business to be better as a whole.

Give your website an appeal that will engage your viewers. Like we said prior, creating a look that captivates the class of golf while appealing to all parties is optimal. Photos portraying all ages will entice potential clients. Have information such as time, hours, and location easy to find without having to search the entire website. The quicker and more efficient your website is, the more positive the user will feel about your company.

While digital marketing will help you by attracting younger customers and drawing in all types of individuals to your establishment, it will also prove to amplify your business amongst your already regular clients. Creating an optimized website is proven to help businesses not only maintain, but LAO to grow revenue. If your golf course and business are in need of help, avoid the need for a website mulligan and get familiar with digital marketing. Tandem will help you achieve that hole in one!