Advantages of Local SEO in your Marketing Plan


Having the big picture planned out for your SEO strategy is a good idea but also having a mindset geared towards an emphasis on local SEO efforts can pay off in the long haul.

When it comes to your marketing plan, an emphasis on local will allow you to channel a unique element for your content strategies. Placing an all-around emphasis on local will help gear you toward creative and consumer-based tactics. From staying current by utilizing social elements to help circulate local confidence in your company to building stronger links, a local emphasis can give you the edge your company needs.

Tandem.Buzz, a local South Florida marketing agency agrees that there are many advantages of local SEO. A local strategy can help your company gain more business, acquire more traffic to your site and ultimately result in a higher search engine ranking.

Consumers trust local.

Consumers trust and gravitate towards a company they feel they can relate to. Local happenings are a great start when creating a plan to relate to your customers. Use this to your advantage. If your company has multiple locations, create different local strategies to appeal to each one.

Social media.

South Florida marketing agency, Tandem Interactive suggests starting your local-based marketing through social media. Social Media platforms are a great way to not only reach your customers but also to see what they are interested in and what’s trending in their worlds. Conducting this research can help to get some ideas flowing for products, content, and links.

Google’s recent algorithm updates are starting to consider local search factors. When something is searched, Google will automatically pull the local results that are correlated with the search query. Ensure that your business will not fall short when this happens by riding the local wave to top rankings! Locally based content is a great place to start. Begin to circulate your content around local topics and happenings in your area. Create ideas for content based on what locals may be searching for.

There are many advantages of local SEO when it comes to link building. Focus your attention on other local sites in order to build links. Local organizations or businesses are a great place to start when you are searching for sites to link to. Make your outreaches personal, and focus on what your sites/businesses have in common from a local perspective. Links built with other reputable businesses will hold more weight and bring more traffic to your site.

South Florida marketing agency, Tandem Interactive is well versed in the advantages of local SEO. As Google continues to change, the emphasis on local search continues to grow. Our local search team can help you focus your marketing strategy around local to create a strong foundation to grow your business.