A Guide to Local Health and Checking Your Rankings

Just like regular doctor checkups are good for your health, keeping an eye on your business’s local health is just as important.

When practicing SEO to enhance the ranking of your business, you must consider where your local health stands as well as staying current with checking your rankings. Tandem Interactive, a Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency would like to share some thoughts on why local SEO is something to stay active and forward thinking about.

Local SEO

Local SEO is ever changing. Staying current with your local will allow you to continue optimizing your sites and citations more efficiently, resulting in a higher ranking.  Within the past five years Google began to blend the percentage of queries with local results. This percentage continues to increase with the developing world of Google. Optimize your site with an influence on local to continue riding the ranking wave to the first page of Google.

Optimizing for local will give your site a strong foundation to stand on. Remember: Water the grass in your backyard before heading to your neighbors! Ensure that you are optimized to rank in your city before venturing out to other markets.

Our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency typically recommends checking your local health as a key element when climbing the ranking ladder. Tandem Interactive places an emphasis on staying current with client’s rankings and local citation health. Doing so ensures that you can optimize any areas of your site that could be lacking.

Looking to the future

Looking forward, we can begin to make predictions on how local SEO will be affected by changing search factors. Since voice search is continuing to make changes in rankings, optimizing your site with keywords to coincide with how people talk will begin to make more of an impact. Placing an emphasis on question and answer pages is a great place to start when matching keywords with how searchers speak. Since Google is continuing to take local into considering without the searcher asking, “near me” it is vital to optimize your name, address, and phone number (NAP) content. Your NAP content should be consistent and current throughout your site and on all citations. When individuals utilize voice search, the query tends to be more specific. When utilizing sites such as Google My Business, make your categories specific.

Where you rank

After writing and uploading content, it is crucial to follow up by checking your rankings. Knowing where and what type of content ranks is a great tool for evolving your business. It can provide you with better building blocks to move forward with creating content that ranks, as well as content that improves the local health of your website.

Tools to use

The internet is packed with tools to use to ensure that your local health and your rankings are on the path that they should be. The organic search specialists at Tandem Interactive’s Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency are well versed in Google Analytics, Moz, Whitespark and more! Utilizing these tools, we are able to track where your site is ranking organically and locally.