Scary Good Social Media Marketing Ideas to Incorporate this Fall

Scary Good Social Media marketing ideas to incorporate this fall!

The end of September and beginning of October marks the beginning of the fall season. The onset of a new season represents the opportunity for businesses to incorporate fresh, season-related social media content. Social media marketing allows businesses to engage customers and showcase their engaging content. Changing social media tactics by season or popular events work to make your social media content more attractive to customers because it reflects the changes in their daily routine or surroundings. The following social media marketing tactics for businesses show how your business can use the change in season to its advantage. 

How Businesses Can Use Social Media Marketing During Halloween and Thanksgiving To Their Advantage

One of the most popular events during the fall season is Halloween. Just decorating your storefront with cobwebs and skeletons is no longer enough to take advantage of the Halloween season. Businesses now turn towards social media marketing to take advantage of this celebration. 

One way that you can take advantage of social media marketing during Halloween is by incorporating popular search terms into your SEO strategies. One of the advantages of social media marketing is that you can use consumer’s search terms to influence where you rank on Google searches. For example, if you own a party store, you can incorporate more Halloween terms into your content. Terms like ‘Halloween costumes’ and best ‘Halloween costume ideas’ are good terms to include in your content so Google can recognize your business as relevant and rank it higher for customers. 

Another way that a business can use social media marketing during Halloween is by incorporating a lot of orange and black into your social media content. These colors are associated with Halloween and work to make your content more engaging to customers who are in the Halloween spirit. 

Perhaps the most popular celebration during the fall is Thanksgiving. Social media marketing for business during this time of year should be family-oriented. Since Thanksgiving is such a family-centered holiday, your social media content should reflect the sentiment that your customers are feeling. Another popular facet of Thanksgiving is thankfulness and charity. If your business is currently supporting a charity, there is no better time to announce this to your followers than Thanksgiving. Announcing your support for a charity during Thanksgiving not only shows that you are active in your community, but will also make your business more relatable to your customers. 

Using Season-Themed Photos in Social Media Marketing Campaigns 

Many people associate changes in the season with visual changes in the environment. One of the other advantages of social media marketing is that popular platforms like Instagram are highly visual-based. Pictures like a Thanksgiving cornucopia and orange and brown leaves are good examples of photos you could upload to your social media profile. We also recommended that you change the header and profile picture of your account to a fall-themed image. 

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