5 Unbelievably Easy Tricks for Insanely High Click-Through-Rates

You have the content, you have the keywords, so why is your click-through-rate suffering? For starters, look at your content that is under-performing in this category. When doing a Google search for your content, how good is your page title? Does it blend in with the other results? Chances are, similar topics have similar titles. So, by the laws of attraction, you’re already losing clicks because you’re just another regular, average Joe in the crowd that doesn’t stick out. Not to mention, just because you have one incredible page on your site, doesn’t mean it will rank well. Google looks at your entire site, so how niche is your content? What can you do to boost your organic click-through-rate?

The Cure.

Breakdown your titles and implement these five tricks to create great, clickable page titles.

1. Format

The format of your content varies based on how you write it. Whether you’re using a list, research, or maybe you even created a quiz, if you wrote it, use that in the title. Just remember, Google doesn’t like to be deceived, so if you’re promising, “Five Unbelievably Easy Tricks for Insanely High Click-through-rates”, you better deliver on that promise of “Five Unbelievably Easy Tricks.”

2. Topic

Don’t forget what you wrote about. It’s easy to throw together a catchy title that attracts a ton of traffic to your site, but if you’re writing about a Fort Lauderdale marketing agency, don’t lead users into thinking they’re about to dive into Tandem Interactive’s Drinking Game. You want factual click-bait, not a deceitful ploy that in the end, will hurt your page rank all together.

3. Content

Some of the best content written doesn’t always rank at the top of search, but why? Their titles don’t correspond with the content that is being presented to the users. For example, these tricks to improve your click-through-rate are exactly that, tricks. You were driven to this page with the expectation to learn tricks to improve your click-through-rate and that’s exactly what is being presented to you. Stay true to your content, you worked hard on it after all.

4. Promise

Look at your sites that are under-performing. If you were a user on a search engine would you click on the current page title you’re using? Does it promise you an incentive for going to that page? Without realizing, users always think, is this worth it? What will I gain from going to this site? Give them a reason; motivate, inspire, and present them with the answers to their questions. Your content and the knowledge within is your product, your page title is your selling point, it’s time to deliver.

5. Emotions

I promised five tricks and here we are. Now, get emotional about your work. The title to this page could have simply been, “Tricks to Improve Click-through-Rate,” which is incredibly boring and doesn’t provide the hook that users need to be enticed to click on the content. Emotions are good, everyone has them, so don’t be afraid to use them. When creating your title, always be edgy, throw some hooks and get emotional about your work. Boring will never compete with the high-ranking pages you see in search.

Another trick to remember: Remarket your content.

Just because you already pushed your content out into the world for everyone to see doesn’t mean you can’t touch it again. Facebook is a great place for content to be remarketed to continue to drive traffic to your page. Take advantage of all your resources, that’s why they’re there.