Important Updates to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube That You Need to Know About

Original Facebook Programming

You may have noticed that over the past year, social platforms have been making it their mission to promote video content to their users. Facebook plans to launch a new option called, “Facebook Watch,” which will allow the ability for a user to view video content that resembles television shows. However, Facebook Watch won’t be following the same format as YouTube’s. Instead, users will see videos in the same way that they currently see their news feeds. Facebook is utilizing data that shows both an individual’s interests as well as their friends’ interests to create themed video feeds.

Due to YouTube’s audience being strictly video, Facebook sees an opportunity to create an information “hub” for users by exploiting this potential vulnerability and attaching more video content to their already strong user base.

Instagram Broadcasting

In what could be a potential game changer for one of the most used social applications, Instagram is testing a feature which will allow users who go “live” to have other viewers broadcast with them. Launching in November of 2016, Instagram Live has become immensely successful among users, especially with viewers having the ability to save video content to their “stories” for their followers to view later. Instagram’s broadcasting feature will take things a step further and increase the popularity of social connectivity by allowing multiple users the ability to connect their respective audiences. This will likely bode extremely well for bloggers with large followings, looking to increase their brand reach.

Active Status on LinkedIn Messaging

LinkedIn is the most preferred networking platform for business professionals, and has taken on various changes as of late to create a more user-friendly experience. It’s latest feature demonstrates the company’s goal of making connections possible for the business community. Active status allows connected users to view when they are active and available for a conversation. Over the years, people have found it challenging to communicate with other users of the LinkedIn network, but this change should help fix that. With global launches occurring this week, every user will have access to Active Status in the very near future.

YouTube Video Sharing

In what is likely a contender for the, “Huh? You mean that wasn’t available before?” award, YouTube has introduced a new feature that will allow users to share video content with each other directly through YouTube. Previously, YouTube videos were shared in the form of links or embedded, depending on where the content was being shared to. However, users can cut out the middleman altogether and stay on YouTube. This greatly benefits individuals who would prefer not to use other social media accounts or messaging applications that allow users to watch video content