How to Grow Your Instagram Following

Everyone wants more Instagram followers, right? It seems simple: Just create an account and BAM the followers just start to flow in! Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice? Unfortunately, growing your Instagram following is slightly harder to do and requires a lot of hands on work. Luckily, Tandem Interactive specializes in social media services and has sure fire ways to gain more followers on Instagram. Maybe you won’t gain 100,000 followers overnight, but you will definitely increase your audience if you follow these 5 tips.

1. Follow Spree

Everyone loves a good follow spree! Take some time to search accounts that you are interested in and follow every single one that catches your eye. Make a goal for every day for how many accounts you choose to follow. This not only increases your chances for a follow back, but their own followers can find your page as well.

2. Like Photos

Once your follow spree is complete, go through accounts and like at least 2 pictures on their feed. This gives the Instagrammer the ability to get two notifications from you: one from a follow, and one from a like. If your name shows up more than once, odds are they will follow you back and reciprocate the likes! Take caution though: Liking too many photos may annoy certain accounts so don’t get carried away!

3. Tag Your Photos

When posting photos on Instagram, try your best to find some accounts that may like/relate to the photo you posted and make your goal to tag up to 10 accounts per photo! Tagged pictures for each account show up on the feed so anyone can take a look. This way, the tagged accounts can take a peek at the post. It also lets the followers of your chosen account find your page through the tagged photos.

4. Slide into Their DMs

Instagram isn’t just about pictures, it’s also about communication. People tend to follow and unfollow whenever they chose, but if they have a relationship with your account, they are less likely to unfollow you. Make a goal to direct message at least two different accounts every day. Perhaps ask a question about their feed or what works best for their posts. Make sure what you ask is engaging enough so they would want to respond back!

5. Check Your Analytics

This is probably one of the most important steps when growing your Instagram following! Make sure that your Instagram is set up as a business account (in your settings) so you can properly check the analytics. Once this is set up, you can check a range of things like the amount of interactions each post gets, how accounts discover your profile, and even the age ranges of your audience! All of this information helps you understand what steps work best for your account and lets you better plan each post.

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