Google Update: The End of “View Image” in Google Searches

2018, the year of updates. January started us off with the drastic change to the Facebook newsfeed. Essentially, changing the game for marketers and advertising through Facebook. The beginning to this journey of adjustments that 2018 was so gracious to bless us with continues, with an interesting twist to image viewing through a Google Search. Thus bringing us to, the end of the “View Image” tab. Although with what is lost, we gladly say hello to the new-found flow of traffic that this update will be bringing to websites, blogs and even social media pages.

As we all know, Google was built on the understanding that searchers could preview content without having to click through to the website to view the content. A feature that was essential, especially for images. Taking away this feature will have an interesting effect on the SEO world and the change to website traffic and analytics.

This change was brought on by a law suit over copyright laws. Part of the deal is that the “View Image” button will no longer be an option. Leaving you with the “Visit”, “share”, and “save” tabs. The idea is to direct visitors to the website which the image is resulting from and to see the image in its entirety on the website. Twitter responses to the change has stirred up some outrage with most displaying how “ridiculously inconvenient” this update is for searchers. While their opposition is ecstatic about the change, essentially those with rights to the imagery.

Google is reporting about the change, that they are doing their best to meet the needs of users and protect the concerns of publishers. Stay tuned as we will be monitoring the continuing updates and changes that 2018 is sure to keep firing our way.