Google Announces Mobile Page Speed as New Ranking Factor

With businesses popping up all over the globe each day, companies of all kinds are on a never-ending-quest to provide the best, most relevant answers in a Google search that will point back to their service. In accordance with Google’s goal to provide the most relevant information as fast as possible, the world’s most popular search engine continues to keep businesses on their toes by upping the ante yet again.

According to Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, page speed is going to become a ranking factor for mobile searches. This change, which will be referred to as the “Speed Update”, will go into effect starting July 2018, with Google’s blog sharing studies that show people really do care about the speed of a page. Google says the changes will only affect pages that deliver a very slow user experience, and only a small percentage of search queries. Since the goal is to deliver relevant information, a page that has highly relevant content, but a slow page speed will still rank highly in SERPs.

With this new update, it’s important for website owners to make sure their mobile pages are loading quickly to provide the best user experience possible. Google has provided some tools to help test a page’s performance:

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