Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Pulse Post for B2B Industries

How to Create The Perfect Pulse Point

Create the best possible LinkedIn Pulse post possible for B2B industries with these tips from Fort Lauderdale SEO firm Tandem.Buzz.

LinkedIn is all about representing yourself and/or your company, what you know, who you know, and how you know them. In February of 2014, LinkedIn announced Pulse, a popular newsreader for web and mobile that would make LinkedIn even more of a “professional publishing platform.” Although Pulse has been part of LinkedIn for over two years now, it seems as if a lot of B2B industries are not utilizing the publishing platform that can connect them with millions of executives, entrepreneurs, and workers. In fact, roughly 90% of CEOs turn to LinkedIn as their daily news update, since they can find industry-related topics. If you are a B2B business, NOW is the time to dominate LinkedIn Pulse. BUT, don’t jump the gun just yet – publishing to LinkedIn is nothing like creating blogs for your company. The audience, the tone, and the overall appeal of content on LinkedIn Pulse are unique.


Surveys have shown that the majority of companies, corporations, and agencies who are not yet publishing on LinkedIn simply don’t know how, so here’s Tandem’s guide to publishing on LinkedIn Pulse:

Navigation and Implementation: Creating the Perfect Pulse Post

  • The main status bar of your LinkedIn should denote: “Home,” “Profile,” “My Network,” “Jobs,” and “Interests.” Under the “Interests” section, you can select “Pulse” and then click “Publish a post.”
  • The second way to publish a post on LinkedIn is through your homepage, where it says “Share an update,” “Upload a photo,” or “Publish a post.”
  • While you are drafting up your piece to publish in LinkedIn Editor, the top left will give you current potential topics and related ideas in case you are experiencing writer’s block. However, Tandem recommends that businesses try to choose a topic that has not yet been fleshed out and published on Pulse, in order to try and dominate that discussion.
  • Choose your title wisely – a lot of the success of your published post is going to rely on your title. If your title is not either keyword-rich or engaging, you can expect that it will not receive much engagement.
  • Every time you publish a post, your connections will receive a notification email that has the title of the post in it.
  • “How-To,” “List,” and “Visual” posts perform the best on LinkedIn; “Questions” do not.


Tandem.Buzz Marketing is a boutique online marketing agency in South Florida and is always implementing industry-best practices for our clients, including LinkedInPulse articles. Your LinkedIn publication should not be a simple re-sharing of a blog or article on your website but constructed to be informative for your industry, readable by executives and potential B2B partners, with a very soft sell. LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to show that you have the experience and knowledge that your profile denotes and gives you ownership to the content in which you publish on its platform.