Avoid Falling into Facebook’s Fake News Sensor

Is your Facebook newsfeed full of fake news? Mark Zuckerberg’s team has been receiving some flack following the 2016 election about fake news infiltrating the news feeds of its users. How do you know you aren’t catching glimpses of fake news in between your news feed of Buzzfeed quizzes and cute animal videos? It’s a scary thought.

Facebook decided to take some steps to help eliminate fake news on the site by turning to web giant Wikipedia. Known as the free encyclopedia, Wikipedia employs over 130,000 employees whose job it is to search for and correct mistakes and errors on Wikipedia pages. Now these employees will be helping clear your news feed of fake news as well.

How will they do it? Facebook has recently rolled out a test for articles that come up in its user’s news feeds. Now when they see an article, there will be a small “i” button to click on and reveal a description of the source of the article. The user can also follow the source’s Facebook Page or see similar articles.

Tandem Interactive, a South Florida digital marketing agency understands that staying relevant on social media sites like Facebook can be a challenge. Finding the balance of posting quality content that is engaging, and drives leads to your business takes a lot of work, so we’re here to help. How do you make sure your Facebook Page content passes the heavier fake news test to stay in those news feeds?

Make sure the content you are sharing is relevant to your business. It may be tempting to post something about the most recent news headlines, but if you do not tie it back to your business, you will start to lose focus as a page. Don’t throw off your page analytics by posting about things that are not relevant to you. This can also help you avoid sharing fake news by accident and getting your page into hot water.

Avoid clickbait headlines- Facebook algorithms specifically search for and decrease the amount of distribution that clickbait headlines receive. Be informative in your headlines and avoid withholding vital information or misleading your readers.

Share original content! Blogs, pictures and videos are the best way to stay relevant in the news feeds of your followers. Original content will show your audience insight into your brand and give them information that they cannot find anywhere else.

So, when you go to share content on Facebook, remember to keep it original, relevant and informative. Don’t mislead your followers and get sucked into the fake news category!