What Is Black Hat SEO?

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What Is Black Hat SEO and Why Is It Important to Know? 

Businesses that are looking into leveraging digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) will be interested to learn that there are various ways that you can leverage this marketing strategy and that some are more ethical than others.

The distinction between ethical and unethical usage of SEO can be seen in the name given to each strategy. The names for these digital marketing strategies are derived from the different kinds of hats that the good guys and bad guys used in Western movies, with white hat referring to ethical SEO practices and black hat referring to unethical SEO practices.

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What Is White Hat and Black Hat SEO? 

White hat SEO includes practices that are not designed solely to manipulate a search engine but to provide useful information for the readers of the website. For example, there are components of keyword research and implementation in white hat SEO, but they are used in content and throughout the website in a manner that is designed to provide value for readers while also increasing rankings on search engines.

An important thing to note when you are implementing white hat SEO strategies is that the quality of traffic will also be much higher. The more catered towards an audience that a website is, the more likely the visitor will be to convert and generate revenue for that business. 

Black hat SEO is just focused on gaining rankings on search engines, but it achieves this through abusing the algorithm. A popular black hat SEO strategy of days past was keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing focuses primarily on adding high-demand keywords mindlessly and excessively on a piece of content on a website. For example, the keyword “Fort Lauderdale SEO” may have been used excessively throughout the website so that the piece of content would be unreadable to human beings but rank on search engines. Since the primary purpose of Google is to provide value to users, Google swiftly cracked down on this. 

What Technique Is an Example of Black Hat SEO and What Is Gray Hat SEO? 

An important aspect of search engine optimization is link building. Link building is a strategy where businesses look to get their website linked to others so they can gain credibility and traffic to theirs. A link from a reputable website is worth much more than one that is not reputable or a link farm. A link farm is a website where a host takes any and all links from websites that want to link build. Many of these link farms actually hurt a business’s reputation because using these links could result in getting flagged by Google.  

When you mix shades of white and black, you get gray. It is not surprising, then, that gray hat SEO is a combination of unethical and ethical strategies. 

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