How to Increase Content Engagement

No matter how much content you pump out, a content campaign is a futile effort if users are not engaging with it. Tandem Interactive, a south Florida digital marketing agency knows content that goes unnoticed lives in a black hole of uselessness hidden in the deep parts of the world-wide web, probably next to that left sock you’ve been missing. A successful content campaign will increase brand awareness, visibility, and can even persuade a potential client to purchase your product of services. Content engagement is one content factor that should never be underrated as it determines the success of your goals.

There are many benefits of content that is engaging. It creates familiarity and loyalty, engagement enhances visibility, and it shows how effective the content is. There are many different methods of getting a user to engage with your content, including:

  • Comments
  • Social shares
  • Participation
  • “Likes” or other positive reactions
  • Discussion threads

Our content marketing team at Tandem realizes you will strive to get a mix of all these forms of content engagement. Therefore, we’ve come up with some of the most effective techniques for greater engagement:

  1. Stir the pot. Create posts that are debatable by creating controversy. Avoid offending anyone, but create content about topics that has two sides, and then take one.
  2. Shock factor. Creating a post that surprises readers is sure to attract more attention and may even earn you a “like” or “share”.
  3. Allow the readers to get involved in the conversation. Start by asking them a question. This prompts the readers to respond with their opinion.
  4. Create content across different mediums. Creating content through different types of mediums such as blogs and videos is an easier way for users to engage with your content.
  5. Give rewards for engagement. One of the more important strategies for content engagement is to let your readers know you appreciate their interaction with your content.