The Importance of Photo Optimization

When adding content to a site, a quality digital marketing agency ensures appropriate keywords, meta descriptions, and tags are in place. The same goes for adding photos to a post; photo optimization should be taken into consideration. Tandem Interactive, a Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency says photo optimization has the potential to increase your rankings just as content does. Becoming familiar with the key components of optimizing your photos to appeal to viewers will increase business and improve rankings.

Here’s how:

  1. Name your images. Each image on your site should have a title. When naming your images think about what people will be searching. Consider that Google has seen an increase in voice searches. Create titles that flow and would sound natural when said.
  2. Alt tags. Alt tags are a key factor when it comes to photo optimization. An alt tag is a brief description of what is going on in the image. Alt tags can be viewed in the page source and crawlers will take note of these tags. Screen Reader utilizes alt tags as well. This software plugin reads a sites content to a searcher. If a photo does not have an alt tag the Screen Reader will not be able to translate what the image is.
  3. Avoid keyword stuffing. When uploading images, image titles, and alt tags it is important to avoid keyword stuffing. Google crawlers may recognize this is as spam and penalize your site. When naming your image and creating an alt tag you should naturally have keywords in place. Arrange your words to flow and sound natural.

If increased rankings are your goal (which they should be) our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency knows photo optimization is a practice you should become familiar with. Uploading images that are more assessable and easy to read will ensure that your site and products reach the clicks that they deserve.