What You Need to Know About Ad Position and Ad Rank

Clients that work with the South Florida marketing team at Tandem Interactive learn that ad position is the order in which your ad shows during a google search. If your ad is the first to show up during a search it means you have an ad position of one. Why is this important? The higher your ad position means the higher likelihood that customers visit your site.

Ranking Up

To rank up, you must visit the ad auction to determine your position. Your rank is determined by your bid, ad relevance, landing page experience, auction-time measurements of expected CTR, and expected impact of extensions. There are ways in which you can improve your ad position which include increasing:

  • Your Bid
  • Ad Quality
  • Quality of Your Computer Landing Page Experience
  • Quality of Your Mobile Landing Page Experience


Importance of Ad Quality

Ad rank has many components which is used in several ways to affect the following:

  • Ad Position
    • Ads with high quality generate higher ad positions, which will show up higher on the page during searches.
  • Keyword’s Ad Position Bid Estimates
    • The higher quality ads are associated with first position bid estimates, top of page bid estimates, and lower first page bid estimates. What this means: the better the quality, the lower your accept bid can be for first page ads.
  • Ad Auction Eligibility
    • Higher quality components within your ad leads to lower costs for your ad to enter the auction. You must have a qualified measure of overall quality to enter the auction to begin with.
  • Eligibility for Other Ad Formats
    • Your ad rank is what is used to determine whether you qualify for ad extensions to be displayed.
  • Cost-Per-Click
    • Cost-per-click is the value you pay every time your ad is clicked. Higher quality ads cost less per click than lower quality ads.


For more information regarding ad position, ad rank and other digital marketing tips visit the Tandem Interactive website.