Haters Gonna Hate! 3 Ways to Avoid Negative SEO Attacks

Three Tools to Help Prevent Hater Attacks

Is your business under attack online? Believe it or not, negative SEO attacks exist and are more common than you may think. We have some secrets to help you combat them.

SEO is important for every business, regardless of the industry. Keep in mind that with great success and fortune comes great envy, and this is where businesses fail to keep an eye on the gray area. Competitors can take advantage of your weaknesses by attacking your business using negative SEO tactics.
Negative SEO is anything that could harm your reputation, visibility, or traffic in search. Some of the malicious efforts could be your competitor trying to build unapproved links to your site, or their attempt to break some of your best links. While we know that negative SEO efforts work well, there are a few things that you can do in order to stay proactive, maintain your ranks, and identify any attacks.
  1.  Google Webmaster Tools: As a website owner, you must be familiar with Google Webmaster Tools. It is important that you set up and verify your business so that you can create email alerts that can provide evidence of any malware on your site. Any suspicious activity seen on your website will be reported by Webmaster Tools and an email alert will be sent to you. You can also receive emails on link penalties, allowing you to be warned when someone is creating low-quality links to your site.
  2. Google Alerts: Google Alerts is a basic, free tool that allows for reputation management. Every business and business owner should have Google Alerts set up for their company in order to prevent any negative SEO efforts or slander that could be occurring without your knowledge. Google will monitor the web for new content that is published containing keywords that you have chosen and will email you the links to the content that is found.
  3. UberSuggest: UberSuggest is a free keyword suggestion tool that can show what people are searching for in relation to your business. Very similar to the Google Waterfall (when Google will finish your search query with multiple options that are commonly searched), UberSuggest can help you search for your name, business name, unique product names, and searches performed.


These three free tools can help prevent a major defamation attack on your company or even yourself. It is important to be knowledgeable about good SEO and negative SEO tactics and their effects. While negative SEO attacks can be rare, they do happen. While “haters” are an indication of success, they can have an unfavorable effect on your SEO.  Keep an eye out for malicious activity and low-quality links that could be an indication that your competition is a HATER: Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success!