Keeping Up to Date: Digital Marketing with the Seasons

Take advantage of optimizing content and begin digital marketing with the seasons. Keeping things current will give your website the edge it needs to survive.

As the seasons change, take advantage of current events and holidays to optimize your digital marketing with the seasons. Creating customer retention will further any business that you are marketing. Throughout the year, it is important to think about different campaigns or events that you can run in order to embrace the seasons and the holidays. Keeping things fresh and different while maintaining your brand is a balance worth perfecting.


Embrace the seasonal changes on your website and on your social media profiles. Focus on seasons and holidays that have the potential to hold significance to your customer. For example, embracing and supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month is something that will hit home with many visitors. This can lead to customers feeling emotionally connected to your company, and in a positive way. Consider promotional cyber events or giveaways to promote themes for different awareness months throughout the year, Veterans Day, and other holidays that hold meaning to you and your customers. Stand behind what you promote and you will see a difference when you begin applying your digital marketing with the seasons.


The holidays are a fantastic way to create fun and exciting content on your site and for your company’s social media profiles. Your customers will remember that they have something to look forward to with your business. Throughout the year, you should consider those different campaigns or cyber events. Depending on your business, you may feel an “off” season. For example, if you own a landscaping company, you may feel that business and website traffic decreases during the winter. It is possible to keep the traffic coming in through that winter season when digital marketing with the seasons. Tandem Interactive, your digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, is prepared to help you tackle the tasks of keeping your business optimized all year round!