Facebook Ad Update

Do you remember that Cambridge Analytica controversy regarding election swinging and private data selling on Facebook? How about those ads that Facebook has been running on T.V. right now, asking for forgiveness? All that fake news?

Well, the new Facebook ad update could help put an end to all of it. The new authentication on Facebook feature could help put an end to evil anonymous opinion swinging.

As a social media agency, Tandem Interactive is monitoring this new update closely. Though we believe that this kind of authentication is good for the platform and advertisers, it will definitely throw a wrench into the smooth operations that most social media companies have set up right now.

New Facebook Ad Update

To keep the transparency of elections, Facebook has recently launched a new feature regarding ads related to politics. Any ad related to “issues of national importance” need to complete an authorization feature. The goal of this update is to public information on who is behind the scenes running these ads. While these changes have only been applied to the United States and Brazil, they have made a big impact on Facebook and Instagram.

Definition of Political Ads

What is a political advertisement? Ads are considered “political” or “issues of national importance” if:

  • The ad is created by or for a political candidate
  • The ad is related to an election, campaign, or a call to action for voters
  • The ad involves any national issues




Any ad posted on either Facebook or Instagram should include the name of the person or company who paid for that advertisement. In order to complete the new authentication on Facebook, advertisers must provide a U.S. driver’s license or U.S. passport. The user must also provide the last four digits of their social security number. Without providing this information, Facebook will deny the request to run the ad.


Once the authorization is finished, users are also able to add a disclaimer on future ads that may be posted on that page explaining who paid for the ad. Once the page is authorized, there will be a checkbox that says, “This ad relates to politics or an issue of national importance”, and the disclaimer that the user created will be shown.

Will this new Facebook ad update be enough for the platform to regain trust from users and advertisers?