Bing’s Plan To Enhance Bingbot

Big changes are coming to Bing that will take the world of SEO to optimization heaven. Your favorite local SEO team has the lowdown on what to expect from Bing’s plan to enhance Bingbot.

It was announced at the 2019 Pubcon that Microsoft will be implementing Microsoft Edge into Bing’s Bingbot. This plan to enhance Bingbot is to support the JavaScript framework and make it easier for SEO marketing as the Bingbot will now be able to render all web pages with the same technology Google has already implemented. Microsoft also announced that the Microsoft Edge will be continually updated with the latest versions, again, following the processes that Google has implemented with Googlebot.

What Bingbot Update Means For SEO

Bing’s plan to enhance Bingbot is a great thing for SEOs.  Especially since Microsoft was kind enough to share the information with us – they’re usually pretty hush hush.

“By disclosing our new Bingbot Web Pages rendering technology, we are ensuring fewer SEO compatibility problems moving forward and an increased satisfaction in the SEO community.” – Fabrice Canel, Principal Program Manager of Microsoft-Bing.

Indeed, Canel is right. Making these plans to enhance Bingbot will certainly ease the job of SEOs and any digital marketing agency as a whole. Adopting the underlying web platforms that Googlebot, Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers are already using, makes the job of developers that much simpler. It safeguards not only our websites but our content management systems too. This means less time spent problem-solving.

When To Expect Bingbot Changes

If you work with Bing frequently, you can expect to see Bing’s plan to enhance Bingbot taking place gradually over the next few months. You might also notice some changes to the user-agent, as it allows for rendering on certain sites.

Bing is going to hold thorough tests to make sure sites can properly render before they make a complete change to Microsoft Edge. However, if you are worried, download Microsoft Edge and register your site with Bing Webmaster Tools.

WebMaster Tools is a free service offered by Microsoft where you can add your site to the Bing index crawler. It investigates your site, provides insight, and notifies you of any issues. Including those with the upcoming tools based on the new rendering engine.

Prepare for these changes with the help of our SEO specialists and digital marketing agency, by contacting us today! We can take a look at your company’s strategy and help you to optimize for Bing’s Bingbot.