Team Tandem’s Top 5 Digital Marketing Blogs from 2019

The digital marketing world is constantly changing. There are always new trends, tips, and tricks to be had. At Tandem Interactive, we want to make sure that you are always informed, so we are constantly cranking out blogs with the latest insight into our world. Find out what you missed from this year.

The Best Digital Marketing Blogs From This Year

As a Florida digital marketing agency that does it all, we have had a lot to say over the past year. From marketing conspiracy theories to the latest trends in the digital marketing industry, it has been quite an adventure. To wrap up the year, we are sharing our top 5 digital marketing blogs so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

1. Ready, Aim, Fyre

What started as a promising and luxurious music event ended with fraud. It was the greatest music festival that never happened. Find out how the fantastic Fyre Festival marketing done on social media had people flocking to a small island only to be sadly disappointed.

2. See Them Aliens

The internet outdid itself this year with the viral Facebook event about Area 51 that was the source of a seemingly infinite number of memes and had the United States government taking action. While the raid itself was more like a photo op, find out just how one social media post escalated so quickly.

3. Compliance Is Key

With sneaky lawyers, questionable lawsuits galore, and subjective regulations to be met, many websites are falling to the ADA compliance trolls. Is your website safe or could you be next? There are steps you can take to protect you and your business.

4. The Mural of the Story

Murals may be great for an Instagram backdrop, but these pretty backgrounds are also a good advertising opportunity. Find out why mural marketing works and how your business could take advantage of this trendy new marketing strategy.

5. Let’s Talk About Memes

Memes are more than just something people scroll through when they are bored. Our memes in marketing blog talks about the sneaky ways companies are using these viral images to promote their business. Have you been duped? Or could your company benefit from this strategy?

For more updates, information, and even entertaining tips do not forget to check back on our digital marketing blog frequently. You never know what 2020 may bring and what new top digital marketing blogs will make our list next year.