Remarketing: A Second Chance to Close Sales!

Everyone deserves a Second Chance

It isn't over if remarketing is an option. Learn how to capture more business with your remarketing campaigns. We explain how to get that sale.

When shopping online, do you buy your product of interest the first time around? Probably not. The reality is that consumers will look at several different products, brands, and sites until they find the best option. If you don’t believe me, just ask Google. According to Google, 97% of consumers do not buy the first time around. Making a good first impression is great! However, what about the second, third, and fourth impression? More importantly, how do you get those 97% of consumers to come back and buy? Your answer: Remarketing.

Everyone who uses Google is familiar with remarketing in Google AdWords, whether you are a PPC expert or not.

Do you recall those annoying ads that seem to be stalking you across the internet? Those are the ads of recent items that you have been searching for…and they pop up EVERYWHERE! So, just when you think you have changed your mind about buying that product, the ad catches your eye and you think “maybe I do need those shoes.” Well, you can thank the world known as remarketing for that.

In order to convert your first time visitors, Google AdWords’ remarketing feature is a great way to amplify your PPC campaign. If you are interested in increasing your conversion rate through remarketing tactics, here is everything that you need to know about remarketing, in under 60 seconds.

How it works?

A consumer visits your website and a tracking cookie is dropped onto their computer. When the consumer visits Google AdSense utilizing websites, your PPC ad will display.


How Creepy Can You Get?



Remarketing can get very specific. You can target your homepage, or better yet, a specific product or service the consumer viewed on your site. You can target landing pages, shopping carts, or even your confirmation page.

How to Get Started?

You need to generate and place the specific code that will be used to track your visitors’ computers. Find this code in Google Analytics over AdWords in order to establish specific remarketing goals. Simply place the code across your website and voila…remarketing stalking campaign complete!

If you want a full run through on boosting your PPC campaigns via remarketing, just reach out to Tandem.Buzz Don’t let potential leads slip through the cracks. Remember, your first impression is not your only impression. There are several tactics you can implement that will draw consumers back to your site. Revamp your PPC tactics this year and watch your business boom!