Super Bowl Sunday Advertising

The cost of 30 seconds of Super Bowl Sunday Advertising

With Superbowl XLVII two days away (February 3rd: San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens) it is not just a day that decides the new NFL Champions but it is the largest day in marketing as well. With an average cost of $3.8 Million per every 30 seconds of air time, this is an expensive figure for any company.
For the cost of 30 seconds of Super Bowl Sunday advertising, you could buy: 
1. Over a week of Homepage Advertising: AOL, Yahoo! and other larger publishers sell their day-long homepages for an average of $500,000 a day. So for the $3.8 million costs of airtime, you could ensure 7+ days of full homepage landing on a large digital media site.
2. Over 100 Million Impressions on Hulu: Hulu sells its video ads for $30 CPM (Cost Per Millions).
3. 200 Pieces of Branded Content: Buzzfeed charges $100k for 4 – 5 pieces of branded content.
4. Be YouTube for a Week: YouTube’s homepage ad costs $500,000 a day.
5. 1 Month of Twitter’s Trend Topic: Promoting Trending Topics on Twitter sells for about $120k a day.
6. 50 Million Forbes.com Impressions: Forbes charges $80 CPM for ads, but even with 50 Million Impressions on Forbes this is still only half of the potential audience for a Super Bowl ad.
Although these would options would get attention and drive ROI for your brand, they do not deliver the success that has been measured from Super Bowl Sunday Advertising. 
A survey showed that 36% of Super Bowl Watchers will be using a Mobile Device or Tablet during the game to see sports news and behind-the-scenes commentaries and that 52% will use social media throughout the game to talk about plays and commercials. 
So here are some ways that you engage an audience on Sunday without a $4 Million dollar invoice from CBS:
  • Tell your audience something new about your company, some breaking news that has a strong call to action from your social platform to your website. Give your viewers something to do with their smartphones or tablets.
  • Try driving your viewers to a “Facebook Contest” where they can engage in sweepstakes offered by your company. Giveaways are always a good way of engaging your audience and getting their attention with an incentive. 
  • Use Sharable content; make ads and extensions easily accessible and shareable through Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. These social platforms will be seeing increasing traffic during the game and your brand should be part of the conversation!
  • Focus on a long-term connection with your audience. Your ads and digital campaigns should do more than just entertain, they should engage your audience by demonstrating your value for each customer. By valuing each person individually rather than as a group, you make their decision down the road to choose you easier. This can be achieved by sending them to a site with information about yourself and your brand/service. Strive to make them understand that you care about them, not just about sales.