Using One Seasonal URL

Holiday Landing Pages Versus One Seasonal URL

Tis the season for holiday landing pages, but with seasonal landing pages can come some less than jolly headaches for your online marketing strategies. While you should certainly want to highlight your holiday products, you will want to do so in a way that doesn’t hurt you later. As a digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, we at Tandem Interactive know that the holidays are a good time to get business, but you want to do it correctly.

Holiday Landing Pages

In a Webmaster Central Hangout video on YouTube, John Mueller discusses the problem with seasonal landing pages1. The biggest problem is that they are usually removed after the holiday passes. Putting this content up for a short amount of time and reusing it the next time the holiday rolls around may cause problems with Google indexing your SEO efforts.

One way to combat this problem is to keep your holiday content up for a while. The longer it is up, the longer Google has to index it. That being said, we understand you won’t want Valentine’s day content up for a whole month. Another way to help is to use links to connect your holiday content to the rest of your site. This is a good SEO practice in general, but also helps Google understand that this page is important.

One Seasonal URL

John Mueller recommends replacing the holiday landing pages with one seasonal URL that changes, depending on the upcoming holidays. One URL will allow Google to index the page better, even with the changing content. Be sure to once again link this URL back to your site to show Google of its importance.

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