Step Inside AdWords Recap

3 Main Points Inside Adwords

Inside AdWords with Jerry Dischler. Google stats from advertisers and what the new betas marketers have to look forward to.

The ‘pumped up’ Inside AdWords Livestream was earlier today. Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management, lead the Livestream through the next wave of advertising efforts from Google, and the new betas advertisers should be eager to get their hands on.
The Livestream was broken down into 3 major points:
  • Innovated Ads
  • Insightful Reporting
  • Intelligent Tools
Innovated Ads was focused mostly on the importance of applications and how to successfully engage your audience to lead towards app-based conversions. “Apps are a solution to the user’s initial problem”, said Dischler. 
The friction within the problem and solution is that 60% of apps that are developed have never been installed. Google’s recommendations were to use app-keyword suggestions and use PPC ads to help with the awareness of the app and its purpose that will lead to the download, engagement, and ultimately conversion. 
Insightful Reporting concentrated on the Estimated Total Conversion launch last year and the tools that are still betas being developed by Google. The Estimated Total Conversions allow you to estimate total conversions across multiple channels: Desktop, Mobile, and Phone. 

But the main topic touched on was the exclusive betas being tested to select companies that give the ability to integrate online marketing efforts with offline results. Two companies exposed to the beta were Shutterfly and Express Clothing. Google’s three main focuses in the development of this multi-channel conversion integrator are:
  1. Consumer Value
  2. Maintaining the Consumer’s Privacy
  3. Actual Measurable Results
This beta has a lot of potentials to show a more accurate ROI if Google can fulfill those three focuses. Most people believe that a beta test serves only the purpose of ensuring the quality of the product before launching; however, that is not the case. Although Google wants to ensure there are no ‘bugs’ in launching this new tool, they are using this opportunity to significantly improve the marketing of this product and to look ahead to future tools/betas. I can only imagine how eager marketers are to get their hands on this beta upon being available to the public. 
The final topic was Intelligent Tools. AdWords has really been pushing new tools for measuring our data accurately (which will make my job easier!) and two of these tools recently launched are the Bulk Actions and the Automatic Bidding Option. When making mass changes for large clients, most advanced marketers would use AdWords Editor (again, to just make our lives a little simpler); Google has now given the Bulk Actions option on the AdWords interface to allow for larger changes across the account. This allows you to make location changes and other large-scale changes on the interface as opposed to using Editor. 
The Automatic Bidding option is a very convenient tool that allows the marketer uses a programmed goal strategy (opposed to manual CPC) marketing and lets Google AdWords do the heavy lifting. By telling Google your campaign’s main focus is: 1) ROA, 2) CPA, or 3) Clicks, Google can use your performance history to create a marketing strategy focused on your objective. 
The final two tools are tools that are still being developed but that I personally am very excited about. Tool one is the Enhanced Reporting and tool two is Drafts & Experiments. As a NeuroMarketer there is nothing I love more than the ability to test my campaigns. When I first entered the field of marketing, one of my professors told me that “a tester’s work is never done”. 
When you believe that you have optimized the structure of your campaign as much as humanly possible, you haven’t! You can always run an A/B test on ads and landing pages. Although Google isn’t THAT advanced (yet!) they are working on a tool that will let you test different bidding strategies and other options within the AdWords interface that will compare your previous performance with your new metrics… Pretty Cool!
Overall, Jerry Dischler did a great job presenting the statistics that Google generated from advertisers and the new betas marketers have to look forward to. As always, Tandem keeps up with the latest Google updates in PPC, SEO, and Neuromarketing 🙂 Until next time!