Setting Goals For Your PPC Campaign

Why You Should Set Goals For Your PPCCampaign

You cannot run a successful PPC campaign without setting some reachable goals. Our PPC team shares the best way to set goals to make the most of your campaigns.

Most people work on achieving their goals by concentrating on the daily tasks that have to be accomplished in order to reach their main objective. The problem with that strategy is that they focus so much on the daily tasks that they forget not only what the objective is, but also the purpose behind it. Moreover, the long list of things that have to be accomplished on a daily basis may become overwhelming for many; which consequently makes them lose their motivation and interest.

The purpose is the driving force and motivation to reach any goal; therefore, it is imperative to plan goals in three steps. When setting out goals for your PPC campaign answer the following three questions:

1. What is my massive action plan?
2. What is the result/outcome that I want to achieve?
3. What is my purpose/Why am I doing this?

This concept could be implemented into pay-per-click as there are many steps that have to be taken in order for your PPC campaign to be performing well. It may be frustrating to perform the daily/weekly tasks on your account and not see the immediate results, but this is where the focus should be shifted towards the purpose of the work that is being done. When looking at the big picture, the purpose is to achieve either sales with a cost-per-click campaign or spread the word about your brand with a cost-per-impression campaign. The goal is achievable, but since there are many steps that have to be taken in order to achieve a high-quality campaign you shouldn’t get discouraged by seeing the long list of tasks. Many factors play an important role such as the keywords, the ad copy, quality of the landing page/website, quality score, targeting, and much more.

Focus on the results you will achieve and the reason for your goal and you will have a mental shift that will keep you motivated and on track.