PPC Campaign Tips for 2019

2019 is almost here, which means it’s time to update your strategy for your PPC campaign for the new year. Here at Tandem Interactive, we know our PPC. We’ve compiled some helpful tips to improve your PPC in 2019.


New Features in Google Ads

Don’t glaze over the new features of the new Google Ads experience released on October 25. The change in Google Ads will have some new features what will come in handy for a 2019 PPC campaign:

  • Outstream video campaigns using mobile-only video ads outsourced from other sites besides Google and YouTube only on affiliated sites or apps.
  • Bid adjustments for phone calls should be increased with the use of call extensions. This feature can drive ads to be served more often. Monitor the number of ad impressions and call impressions to see if you should proceed with this method.
  • Promotion extensions will help when you display products with a dollar or percentage discount and be included with the account and ad group level. Advertisers may prefer this option if they’ve used sitelinks or ad copy for promos. These extensions will be more noticeable and look more like a “coupon.”

Improve Your AdWords Mobile Strategy

Over the years, we’ve seen search with mobile devices drastically increase. It’s time to fall into the trend of creating a mobile-friendly ad experience. PPC marketers who choose to ignore mobile jeopardize flushing paid budgets down the drain, as well as losing out on reaching their target audience. Get in touch with AdWords mobile best practices to vamp up your PPC mobile strategy.

First, analyze how much traffic from PPC is coming from mobile devices. The new Google Ads interface and Bing offers a chart where you can gauge how much traffic is coming from mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. By changing the increments by 10 percent or smaller, you can determine how the changes can impact your conversions.

Try Out New PPC Networks

Testing out various, new paid channels is crucial to being a PPC marketer, so don’t be scared! Picking up new practices help you grow as a PPC advertisers. Try out these advertising platforms to step up your PPC in 2019:

  • Instagram: Younger, “spender” demographic (18 to 24), Instagram Stories and post ads, app installs, and filters.
  • LinkedIn: Best for targeting professionals and businesses.
  • Pinterest: Products and services mainly targeting females.

Team Up with Others to Optimize Your PPC Campaign

If you feel the PPC train keeps going, but goes nowhere, it may be time to seek others for resources and other options. True, PPC management is a singular approach, but there’s no harm in seeking out more ideas to optimize your campaign. Reach out to experts on social media and read industry publications to brush up on your PPC efforts in 2019.


Having these PPC campaign tips in mind, you’ll be ready to take on PPC in 2019 without breaking a sweat. However, if you’d rather focus on other aspects of your business, contact our PPC specialists at Tandem Interactive to get the quality, affordable PPC service your company deserves!