Audit or Bust!

Content Marketing Audit

If you are like a lot of businesses, then you have probably neglected to conduct a proper website audit. While it may seem like busy work, a website audit is invaluable.  The goal of a website audit is to assess your site so that you can increase conversions. Stop throwing money into the wind. An audit can indicate where your expenses are being allocated and whether you’re profiting from your current strategy. An audit can help you develop a new approach if necessary so you can increase your conversions. At Tandem Interactive, we can help you run an audit so that you can increase the return on your marketing investment instead of using your budget on an approach that isn’t improving your results.


Erik Stafford’s 5 Step Audit Framework

A familiar Pubcon face, Erik Stafford, shares his secret on website audits.

  1. Storytelling

According to Erik Stafford, the first step of your website audit is the storytelling phase. Aladdin, Star Wars, Romeo and Juliet. What do all of these have in common? Like almost all stories in the known world, they all follow a plot type. Your company needs a plot type too. What is your company’s goal? What is the emotional sales trigger? Your brand has its own story and it needs to all tie together.

  1. Tone Audit

The second step is the tone audit. What is the tone of your marketing and how can you best represent this tone? Are you targeting the right audience while still remaining true to your brand?

  1. Visual Audit

The visual audit involves reviewing the typography, images, and all visuals associated with your company and your website. Not surprisingly, these visuals should all be high-quality and consistent with each other as well as your brand.  The other half of this aspect involves simplicity. You want your pages to be visually pleasing but not too busy.

  1. Language Audit

What language works best to convert page views to client or customer engagement. The language you use will vary depending on who your audience is and what industry you are in. It is important that you take the time to develop a list of acceptable language for your business.

  1. Direct-Response audit

Finally, this step is where you want to focus on implementing the methods proven to work. These might be key power words, clear headlines, and good calls to action.


As a digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, we understand just how important audits are. Before you revamp your entire site to adjust to the latest Google algorithm update specifically, you should tackle the mistakes already on your website. Afterall, Google’s updates serve the users, who ultimately want more relevant, trustworthy search results.