Robots Have Already Taken Over – Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing – Pubcon Florida 2019

HAL 9000 may have been a scary predictor of future technology and robots, but it’s also the fictional robot most similar to the actual robots we see in everyday life. At least according to John Lawson, best-selling author and speaker at Pubcon Florida 2019. And no, don’t worry, our robots won’t keep the pod bay doors locked. Here’s how we’re already in the future, and why it’s a good thing.


Robots are Everywhere, Just Ask Your Phone!

Bots are everywhere, they’re even in your hand! Smartphones, chat bots on Facebook messenger, and voice search technologies utilize machine learning to develop better experiences for users.


“Our voice is the new API.” – John Lawson speaking at Pubcon Florida 2019


So, how has HAL 9000 invaded our lives? John Lawson spelled it out best: HAL 9000 was a light that you interacted with through voice. How different is that from your Google Home or Alexa device? Luckily, unlike a rogue sci-fi supercomputer, our robots are here to make life easier.


Big Brother or Big Mama?

In his Pubcon talk, John Lawson explained a problem that many AI programs and bots are facing, including issues with user perception. Users don’t want reinforcement that big brother is watching (and he is). Instead, AI, bots, and new immersive technologies need to seem more like Big Mama: the tech cares about helping you and making things easier.


Why Our Robot Overlords are a Good Thing

Improved technologies, such as voice search platforms, are making it easier for users to get the information and solutions they need. In terms of AI and digital marketing, technologies such as chatbots allow sites to reach and communicate with users more effectively than ever before. With chatbots, sites can:

  • Reduce customer service costs
  • Increase organic opt-in rates
  • Recover returns


How to Get on the Robot and AI Bandwagon

Conversational AI-first searches will grow exponentially within the next 10 years. Voice searches and AI powered chat are already taking over, and all brands should consider developing tools for these platforms.


One of the best ways to get on board with AI is to utilize chatbots on your website and other platforms, such as Facebook Messenger. When you’re using this conversational AI, be sure to follow best practices for chatbots:

  • Teach users how to utilize your chatbot, make it user-friendly
  • Make helpful suggestions
  • Offer the option to speak to a human
  • Don’t pretend the bot is a human


Robots are already here, and you’re likely interacting with AI and other machine learning systems each and every day. Your digital marketing strategy should incorporate higher quality content that answers questions alongside tech such as chatbots to better leverage these growing tools. Our Fort Lauderdale SEO company is always ahead of the game, staying on top of the latest news about innovative strategies, algorithm updates, and how digital marketing is evolving with new technologies.