How a Customer Avatar Can Benefit Your Marketing

The biggest part of succeeding in business is knowing who your target audience is and appealing to them. Through the use of tools such as Google Analytics, identifying your target audience has never been easier. However, knowing your target audience is only half the battle. For a business to truly thrive, a business owner must understand their ideal customer, or customer avatar, by identifying how they think, how they shop, and so on. Our digital marketing agency shares some of the benefits of a customer avatar that you may not know.

What Is a Customer Avatar?

A customer avatar can also be described in the digital marketing world as a buyer persona. It is the representation of the ideal customer for your business and an essential part of your marketing strategy. A customer avatar is a fictional person, but they have wants, needs, and pain points. It is a detailed profile of the one person who represents your target audience and a comprehensive outline based on research and data your company has found.

Customer avatars are comprised of a detailed list of characteristics that are also true about your customers and target audience; they should be a mandatory part of your marketing plan. Having a clear representation of your ideal customer as well as an understanding of what they want and where they spend their time are some of the benefits of a customer avatar that can help you determine how best to promote your brand to the people you want to see it.

How Do You Create a Customer Avatar?

Creating a customer avatar is time-consuming, but our SEO experts argue that the benefits of a customer avatar are worth the work.

  1. Research
    Make sure to research your ideal customer. If you already have a customer or client that fits this mold, take time to analyze their habits or even send them a survey in order to gain a better understanding of who they are. If there is no ideal customer yet, secondary research can help you create or find one. Utilize third-party reports like Q&A sites, such as Reddit or Quora, or review social media conversations to take a look at what real people are talking about. Make sure you exclude your bias in your research findings.
  2. Fill Out an Avatar Worksheet
    After you have conducted thorough research, you can begin to build your customer avatar. Input the information you have compiled into an avatar worksheet, which is available online, and give your customer avatar a name. Make sure to go through every single question on the worksheet; remember, don’t leave any question blank. Take it a step further, though. Feel free to upload a stock photo to bring your customer avatar to life!
  3. Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat Again – Don’t Stop Repeating
    There is no such thing as only one ideal customer. Another one of the many benefits of a customer avatar is that you can create more than one! Create an avatar for each ideal customer that exists for your business. By having multiple customer avatars, you can make the best use of your digital marketing efforts for all the areas you are targeting. Though there may be more than one ideal customer, you do not want to create more than 3 or you might end up overshooting your target. Once you have made one customer avatar, it becomes easier to make the others.


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