Google Releases ETA Beta

Things You Should Know About Googles Update

The Tandem Buzz PPC team reports on the new Google ETA beta and how the Extended Text Ads work.

Google Updates Extended Text Ads

Digital marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale and businesses alike have been wondering what Google was going to roll out with next.

In their last big announcement, they released a couple of new features that are in the works such as what they were going to do with the right side of the SERP. Another big release was the new text ads, Extended Text Ads (ETA).

Well, not only has Google finally released the Extended Text Ad Beta, but Tandem Buzz was able to get Whitelisted for the ETA Beta thanks to our amazing Google reps at headquarters.

With only a couple of days to play around with the Extended Text Ads, Tandem’s PPC team already found a couple of things that everyone should be aware of when they are creating the new ad copies in AdWords.

Here is a nice comparison of the current ad copy and the new ETA format.

ETA example

The new ETA format is primarily designed to improve mobile performance, containing more content than before. There are now two headlines of 30-characters versus a single 25-character headline, and an 80-character description line versus two 35 character descriptions.

Overall, the extended ads are not entirely out of nowhere. In the previous ad copy format, an extended headline was capable if you put punctuation at the end of the first 35-character description to end the sentence.

Tandem Buzz, like any other paid search agency in Fort Lauderdale, would take advantage of every character when creating the new ETAs. Team Tandem’s PPC ads were almost perfect, hitting each headline character limit. However, the new Extended Text Ads come with a caveat; the second 30-character headline will be truncated at about the 19th character.

According to our Google team, each ad creative will render differently, so plan to adjust accordingly. The Tandem Buzz PPC team recommends that you utilize the Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool in order to see how your ETA displays.

Apart from format differences, everyone is dying to know how performance measures up to the old ad copy. Unfortunately, it is a little too early to reveal any concrete metrics. Currently, the ETA Beta is displaying the ads about 20% of the time and the regular ads the remaining time. Stay up-to-date with the Tandem Buzz blog in order to get a better idea of how the Extended Text Ads stack up to the old ad copy format.

In the end, whether Google is going to roll out the new ETAs remains questionable. As the world A/B tests the ETAs across accounts, Google will determine whether the new ad format does definitively improve performance across the board.