Most Popular SEO Tools for Beginners

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Developing a digital marketing toolkit can take time and can be overwhelming for beginners to know where to start. Here’s a good starting point of SEO tools for beginners to start using today.

Although the most popular SEO tools are not necessarily the best for your niche, they do allow for a good start, no matter what your business is. SEO tools for beginners are those that are easy to use, simple to understand, and either free, cheap, or worth it the price they cost. Tandem Interactive uses all the SEO tools for beginners listed below in one way or another.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular SEO tool that is able to track how users are finding, interactive with, and using your website. Though easy to learn in the beginning, Google Analytics can take years to master, which is one of the reasons as to why experienced SEO companies are successful.

To make use of Google Analytics, codes must be interested into the back-end of your website. There is a complete guide to install Google Analytics that will help you set it up and make the most of the software.

Best of all: it is free.

Yoast SEO – WordPress Only

If you have a WordPress site, you can take advance of the Yoast SEO plugin to help guide you with optimizing your content. Yoast SEO scores your content on readability, keyword density, canonical errors, and meta configuration.

There are no SEO tools for beginners that come close to the power of Yoast SEO. If you learn enough about content creation, then what Yoast SEO can do for your content is nothing that you cannot do yourself. Choose a keyword, be sure to use it in the title, the meta description, and at least 3 times in your content.

You can use the free version of Yoast SEO or pay for premium. For niche bloggers, we recommend the free version.


SpyFu is great for competitor and keyword research. It is flexible, it returns easy to understand results, and the inner mechanics of the site can be discovered and masters in less than a few hours. Though likely not the most popular SEO tool, it is invaluable.

Full use of the software requires a monthly subscription.


If you are searching for SEO industry tips, guides and tools, you have most likely come across Moz within the first few minutes. Moz is one of the oldest and most reputable SEO companies. A few years ago, they decided to sell a tool to help other SEO companies, and now they are an industry giant.

The Moz SEO tool is meant for SEO companies, allowing for them to create multiple campaigns and register multiple clients. We would not recommend using the MOZ tool if you are starting out in SEO; instead, we would advise that you regularly read their blogs. The information in those blogs is far more valuable to beginners than anything else.


The last on the list is the least understood area of SEO for beginners: backlinks and link portfolios. Majestic is a monthly subscription service that allows you to monitor the health of your website’s backlink portfolio, as well as look for opportunities on other websites.

It does have a larger learning curve, but nothing that a beginner should not be able to master after a few hours.