4 Steps to Great Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Social media platforms are a great method to get your business’s brand out there and interact with potential clients. If you run a restaurant, digital marketing experts explain that social media is a great way to get involved and inform people about your restaurant.

Regardless of what industry you are in, the goal of digital marketing is always the same: to get more business. Social media for restaurants may require taking a different approach when compared to social media for a cyber security company, but the goal is essentially the same.

One thing social media is good at is building brand awareness. Brand awareness, in turn, should drive customers to your tables. If you are not using social platforms effectively, you are wasting precious time, and if you are not using social media for your restaurant at all, you are not even in the game.

Step 1 – Establish Your Voice

Social media presence is reliant on voice. The important thing to remember about social media is that it is all one big conversation. Like all conversations alike, you change your tone, delivery and demeanor to suit the person you are talking to to adjust your restaurant digital marketing plan.

If you know and understand your customers, then you will know how to talk to them. In terms of social media for restaurants, a Michelin star establishment serving escargot will have a very different approach considering social media than a taco food truck would. However, both need the help of an SEO firm in Fort Lauderdale like Tandem Interactive to establish a great social presence. The presence of each company will be completely different than one another.

Voice affects everything, considering the pictures you post, the contests you run, and the tone in your delivery. Know your customer and establish the correct voice for your business. Then, decide the platform you want to be active on. Bonus tip: all restaurants must have an Instagram account regardless of anything else you choose. Instagram accounts are solely for photos to lure your customers in.

Step 2 – Set Up Your Pages (And Do It Right)

You only get one chance to make a first impression. To put social media for restaurants into a perspective that a restaurant owner can understand, think of visual appeal.

The customer sees the restaurant’s exterior, they are greeted by the host, they sees the restaurant’s interior, looks at the menu, judge the dish when it arrives, etc. It is all about what they see and experience. The same is true when it comes to social media for restaurants.

When you set up your page and complete your profile, all of the biographies should be well written, the pictures should be professionally taken, and you must follow your marketing scheme. You can enlist the help of an SEO firm in Fort Lauderdale to create the social media accounts for your restaurant.

Step 3 – Consistency

Marketing is all about consistency. The social world is a noisy place and everyone is trying to let their voice be heard. Social media for restaurants shares this similarity with all other industries, so you need to be consistent; Dead pages are quickly forgotten.

SEO firm in Fort Lauderdale, Tandem Interactive, dedicates time to setting up social calendars and uses social media tools to create that consistency.

Step 4 – Engagement

A conversation must be two-way! If you notice that your social media account is not getting engagement or interaction, then that is the social equivalent of being the person in the library that will not stop talking.

Engagement may come in the form of paid promotion, contests, or cleverly engineered social posts to boost your restaurant’s social engagement. An SEO firm in Fort Lauderdale specializing in restaurant promotion will know these tricks. If you choose to go at it alone, you will have to test, learn, and adapt. Engagement is the most effective way to lead to customers.

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