5 Ways to Improve Your Site Ranking

We’re all after it, but how exactly do you do it? From the Tandem Team to you, here’s five ways to improve your site’s Ranking.

  1. Publishing Relevant Content

The number one factor which improves your site ranking is quality content. There it literally no substitute for great content.  Content created specifically to cater to your consumers will vastly improve site traffic. Incorporated with that, the more traffic you have coming into your site the better your domain authority and site quality. Use keywords and keyword phrases to optimize your content and drive more traffic to your pages. Remember to think like a consumer and how you would search for your content using a search engine. What would you type in? Then incorporate those keywords or phrases multiple times throughout your content so it can be found by your consumers.

Tandem Tip: The best content is written for consumers, not for search engines.

  1. Regular, Consistent Content Updates.

Strong content is great. One post can attract a crowd but great content on a regular basis will keep an audience.  A regular audience will bring in its own traffic and assist in growing additional traffic to your site.

  1. The Importance of a Link-Worthy Site.

Within your content, provide link-worthy content to drive traffic to more areas of your site. Do your best to avoid writing, “click here.” “Click here” is not attractive to consumers, is a waste of characters and has no search engine value. Do your best to write out the title of the page that your trying to direct traffic to. An interesting title, especially in a related piece of content will push consumers to continue pressing the gas to venture off into other destinations on your site.

  1. Metadata

Metadata is the information which describes the content of the page. Metadata consists of:

Title metadata, which is the page titles at the top of the browser window. Description metadata, or the text description of your site that shows up when your site is shown for a search engine result. Finally, keyword metadata. These are the keywords used to find your site that are plugged into a search engine.  Each are just as important as the previous. Each piece of metadata plays a role in improving your site ranking.

If you are using a Content Management System, which will assist you in building your website, the automated system will have built these for you.

  1. Alternate Tags

When making any post, using alternate tags or alternative text descriptions to allow search engines to locate your content. This is vital to site ranking and search engines ranking your content.

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