Social Media Tips to Successful Online Marketing

Tandem's Top 3 Tips

Fort Lauderdale SEO firm Tandem offers tips to improve SEO including brand awareness, optimization, and generating followers on social media

Using search and social data to create content was one of the biggest SEO trends in 2015, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Long gone are the days of creating content for content’s sake, like search and social data are a huge part of increasing engagement for clients and attracting the right customers. While content is imperative to the conversion of customers, search optimization plays just as important of a role for successful online marketing.

Social media presence can greatly increase your search rankings, while quality SEO can improve your social media reach. Having a website that is well integrated with social media platforms will start to define successful online marketing in 2016 more so than a site’s ranking. Having a prominent online presence means that companies will have to optimize their social media as well.
Coupled with the growing importance of mobile apps and the increasing amount of customers using them, social media content needs to be optimized for these searches. This means using vocabulary that customers use along with targeted keywords. Engaging content, high-quality images, and links back to the website’s blog will be one of the most important SEO trends in 2016; website development and social media are getting more and more integrated together.
In order to improve your SEO in 2016, check out these three social media tips from Tandem:
1. Optimizing posts. Pre-existing content allows for another way to search. Along with articles, Google favors popular social media updates in the top sections of its SERPs. In order to optimize a post, you need a strong anchor. It can be anything from a video, infographic, or link to an article. Once you have a strong foundation, perfect your posts with text that is SEO optimized in order to grab your customer’s attention, as well as improve your chances of showing up in search results.
2. Brand awareness. Increasing your reputation on social media leads to increased brand awareness, which translates into more branded searches on Google. The more branded searches your company receives on Google, the higher it is going to rank for non-branded keywords. Social media will give your company greater search visibility across the board.
3. A number of followers. How many followers you have will play a major influence on your rankings. Because Google can detect the quality of your followers, building your brand following organically is imperative. Growing the number of followers you have may take a while, but it is effective; the key is to be consistent. Your brand should post consistently and uniquely, with helpful articles, tips, questions, and discussion starters shared on a regular basis. Following up with any users by engaging them in conversation is the key to growing your number of followers and to increasing your conversion rate.