How Social Media Strategies Can Improve Your SEO

When it comes to your business’ organic SEO strategies, it can help to consider other aspects of digital marketing, such as social media. It’s important to not glaze over the idea of fusing your social media strategies with your SEO. There are a lot of opportunities to take advantage of when tying your social media and SEO strategies together. However, there are some myths that should be addressed when discussing the collaboration of both online marketing strategies.

Does Social Media Engagement Boost SEO?

It’s understandable how many people think major search engines use mentions or the number of engagements circling a brand to trigger a direct ranking signal. However, it does not work this way. Why? Since social media isn’t a reliable signal for search engines, it doesn’t qualify as a ranking signal. Search engines like Google don’t crawl every single social post created daily, and Google has difficulty ranking the authority of these posts.

Can Links in Social Posts Contribute to a Webpage’s Ranking?

Since a large number of social posts consist of external links, it makes sense to question whether or not these links can be considered a ranking factor. Yet, Google handles social media sites just like any other site on the internet, which means links from social media fall under the same rules as links from other sites. Many major social networks nofollow all external links, making these links unqualified for SEO standards. So, how exactly can social media help boost your SEO?

Link Opportunities

When you promote your content on social media, you let users know it’s link-worthy and they have a chance to cite and share your content. To best take advantage of this opportunity, plan a strategy to promote your content on social media. When doing so, include which type of content will be shared to which social network. In addition, keep an up-to-date record of your useful evergreen content to have it reshared on a regular basis.

Grow Positive Brand Awareness

Maintaining a positive image for your brand on social media can impact what you rank for on Google. Google detects the number of mentions your business receives and categorizes it for certain queries. You can exploit this by growing an authentic audience of fans on social media along with positively interacting with users when your brand is mentioned online.

Foster Relationships

Over the years, the difficulty of growing an audience organically has increased. Therefore, it’s important to collaborate with three relevant groups in relationship building to help augment your authentic audience:

Organic Influencers

In influencer marketing, organic influencers are social media accounts that can positively endorse you by sharing anything about you or the products/services that can influence their audience.

Brand Fans

Social media users who fully support your brand as they can positively mention your brand on social media. These avid supporters are usually unpaid but can help increase the ubiquity of your content.

Strategic Partners

Non-competitive niches or influencers within your industry would be considered strategic partners with whom you can collaborate to create relevant and valuable content to your brand.

When you include relationship-building in your social media strategies with these relevant groups, it’s important to authentically engage with them. Not doing so can hurt your chances of creating an authentic audience for your brand which can result in Google not detecting any positive mentions for your brand.

With enough time and dedication to fusing your social media strategies with SEO, you’ll see the fruits of your labor! However, if you’re too busy running your business to take on these online marketing strategies, contact our social media agency in Fort Lauderdale. With years of experience, we can bring your brand to the forefront of the digital marketing world.