SEO Site Auditing Tips

Notes from Pubcon Las Vegas 2019

During Pubcon Las Vegas’s Advance SEO Site Auditing presentation, Arsen Rabinovich, Rob Woods, and Bill Hartzer discussed their favorite tips for SEO site audits. We’re sharing some of our favorite takeaways about SEO site audits for better SEO services.

The Best Site Audit Techniques

With three speakers discussing their favorite site audit tips, tricks, and techniques, there was a variation on the specific steps of the SEO site audit process. The big takeaways focused on specific tools, techniques, and steps of the site audit process.

According to the experts, here are some important steps to conduct an SEO site audit:

  • Gather site logins, Google Search Console access, Analytics access, site log access, and a competitor list.
  • Look out for obvious errors like metadata messes, mixed content, orphan pages, and site structure mistakes.
  • Dissect content for issues including thin content, duplicate content, and over-optimization.
  • Search the domain on Google and see its results, including the results on the last page, to see anything that pops up.
  • Dig into backlinks to identify bad quality backlinks
  • Explore your site’s overall link structure – is there too much on your menus or are your pages at too deep of a crawl depth?
  • Remember to analyze competitor gains across all metrics


Treating SEO Site Audits as Triage

Sometimes you may notice a large dip in your organic traffic. Rather than having a panic attack, this Pubcon Las Vegas session explored how to use advanced site audits like triage to diagnose and treat problems affecting your organic traffic.

How to identify site problems through a site audit:

  • Review backlinks and identify spammy or low-quality links
  • Use tools like the SEMrush Sensor to monitor drops if this is a new drop
  • Look for any new penalties on the site, such as manual actions
  • Review server logs in Google Search Console
  • Review query and page changes in Google Search Console


Arsen Rabinovich’s session at Pubcon Las Vegas 2019


Taking Action on Site Audit Findings

Site audits are crucial for routine monitoring and the long-term success of your website. Our digital marketing experts at Tandem Interactive are here to help your site be its very best with routine audits and actionable strategies to implement audit fixes and improvements. Contact us today to get started!