How to Get Over Content Writer’s Block

You cannot get over it. It is all over, pack it up, you are through in this industry. There is absolutely no cure for content writer’s block, and no content marketing firm is going to help you.

Still here? Well, if you made it through that, you have still got hope! We have all been there; content writer’s block is a tough one to crack, but it can be done. I recently stumbled upon a piece of great advice to deal with writer’s block, and it did not come from a content marketing firm.

Dan Harmon, creator of the hit shows Rick and Morty and Community, had something to say about this age-old problem. Surprisingly, his advice can be used effectively to combat content writer’s block. Take a look at this excerpt from Harmon’s recent Reddit AMA:

Switch from team “I will one day write something good” to team “I have no choice but to write a piece of s***” and then take off your “bad writer” hat and replace it with a “petty critic” hat and go to town on that poor hack’s draft and that’s your second draft.

It is an interesting sentiment, to say the least. Harmon says that content writers must do the one thing that we dread the most: write content that is bad – on purpose.

What I like about this advice is that it is, in fact, nothing I have ever seen before. If you Google tips on how to defeat content writer’s block or look through the advice sections on any of the content marketing firm websites, no one would openly tell you to write badly on purpose.

This approach may just be the freedom that you need. Make your worst nightmare come true and write something terrible, and continue to write until you can no longer type away.

Be sure to edit. Clients and users will not respond to terrible grammar and punctuation, no matter how much of a personal breakthrough it was for you.

Happy terrible writing, everyone!