Five Important To-Do’s before Publishing Content

Your new To-Do List!

Before you hit that publish button, have you done everything you are supposed to? At Tandem Interactive, we give you five important things to do before publishing content to make the most of it..

Every marketer has heard the phrase “Content is King”, but that statement should come with an asterisk. While content is important, there are certain factors that can make it king or make it an enemy when it comes to publishing content.


Content development is important for every business and should have a strategy behind it. If you are creating content, just to have it with no purpose or structure, you could be doing more harm than good when you’re publishing content.


Make sure that all content you are creating is relevant and unique. Your customers like to read fresh, new content catered towards your industry, and so does Google! So “Relevant Content is King”.

Once you have created awesome content for your company, follow these 5 important to-do’s before publishing:


  1. Get a fresh set of eyes. While you may be an excellent writer and editor, we tend to overlook common spelling and grammatical errors. It is important to have a co-worker or friend double check your work before making it live.
  2. Do an ‘SEO’ proof.  Once your content has gone through a regular edit, conduct an ‘SEO’ proof. This means read through your content and check for relevant keywords and any missed opportunities to enhance the SEO. Use keyword research tools to help decide which keywords are optimal for content development.
  3. Images need love too. Sometimes we focus so much on the content itself that we fail to optimize the image we insert into our blogs or articles. Double check that all images being published with content, and individually, have been optimized with Alt Tags.
  4. Link Up!Content is not made to cover everything, and realistically it can’t. Find relevant content to link to within your writing, this helps to enhance your information and building relationships with others in your industry. Adding a link acts as an endorsement, endorse others and they will endorse you.
  5. Encourage readers to amplify the post. If you have created engaging content, prompt your users to share your post. Adding share buttons to your content can make the amplification process easier for users and could result in more shares.



So remember, while ‘Content is King’, it is only king if it is relevant and optimized for your readers.



For more tips on how to develop SEO rich content, or to speak with a SEO Content Specialist contact Tandem.buzz directly.