How to Build a PPC Empire with the New Google Lego Update

Google has always provided the building blocks for digital marketers since the beginning of the worldwide web. Through the years, we have seen the evolution of search marketing to help Google deliver on its company’s core promise – the best results for the search query.

Since the removal of paid ads 4-10 and the implementation of extended text ads in January 2017, desktop searches are reflective of the mobile experience.

The most recent algorithm rollout that PPC marketers in Fort Lauderdale have noticed is the “Google Lego update”. This unofficial update was first seen Tuesday, February 7, during routine searches. Google is testing its desktop results with a Lego block format to help with the distinction of ads. Previous paid and organic results had a white background with a ‘free flowing’ format that only separated paid ads with the small green ‘ad’ box.

The newest Google beta is showing that Google has altered the background the same off-white color in the SERPs header, and has made ‘Lego’ block outlines around each advertiser.

What does this new Google update mean for PPC Marketers?

  • Better ad distinction
  • Higher CTRs
  • Qualified traffic

What can PPC Marketing managers in Fort Lauderdale do to build your empire using Google’s new Lego update?

Unleash the Unicorns. Nothing highlights your ad from the competition like an ‘in-your-face’ message. Think outside of the box on your marketing messaging and we promise, the results will be reflective of your strategy.

Go Button Crazy. Utilizing every sitelink extension is highly recommended. Sitelinks can allow your ad to cover more real estate, as well as highlight certain key features, services, price points, etc. about your company and/or its services.

Get whitelisted. If you are PPC marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, ask your Google rep about Google betas and how you can get your qualified clients enrolled. Betas are a great way to show your client that your digital marketing company is staying ahead of the competition.  

If you are in need of a great PPC marketing company, contact Tandem Interactive today and start building your Lego ads!