Five Underestimated Strategies That Will Help You Master Local

Top 5 Strategies to Rule Local!

IF you want to MASTER SEO start with these tips to optimize your local search. First, conquer your local area and then then the entire internet!

If you are still learning how to master SEO, Tandem compiled a shortlist of strategies that will help you rule local!

1. Social Activity – Even if you don’t get much engagement from your audience, be active on your social media sites. Share useful and up-to-date information OFTEN. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get a ton of likes or retweets. Your commitment to your social page is counting for something. Trust us.

2. Be Trendy and Be Unique– Along with great written content, include creative features such as authentic videos and blog posts. Don’t pretend to be local; actually be local. Get involved in your community and share what you are doing on your site. Make it a company goal to become newsworthy for participating in your community and being different from competitors.

3. Expand Your Recognition– Don’t just strive to get local recognition, do your best to get regionally and nationally recognized. Acquire those mentions by going after publications that distribute across the country and/or region.

4. Get Your Owner/ Founder Involved in the Conversation– Connect with your audience on a more personal level by including reviews, stories, social mentions, and experiences of the person or people that started your company. Consumers want to see the faces behind the company’s name and feel an association with the brand. Include pictures of owners and employees on your site.

5. Be Authentic– Create a Web site that exudes genuineness and effort.  Consumers like sites that are professionally designed, simplified, and include a sense of community, photos of clients, and ties to history and family.

If your company needs more direction when it comes to Local Search Engine Marketing, Tandem can always help!