New Google Image Update: Google Lens

Google just announced an update to Google Images called Google Lens. This will enable searchers to learn more about the images they click on. Google Lens is a feature that was introduced in May 2017 that allows mobile users to find out more about the images in the results. Akin to the Lens feature in Google Photos and Google assistant, this feature recognizes objects within an image you may want to find out more about and show similar images.

The GIF below showcases Google Lens in action[1]:

The update allows users to select sections of an image that grabs their attention on their mobile device and receive more details about the selected item. When Google Lens identifies products or other objects, the dots will appear. Lens will learn to identify more image types like landmarks, animals, and plants in the coming months.

What Does this Mean for Online Marketing Strategies?

The new presence to Google Images will drive more traffic and sales to websites, specifically for retailers, by attracting more shoppers. Google stated that website owners will see an increase in web traffic because of this Google image search update.

However, images should not be treated as decorations, and this is a common mistake within online marketing strategies. For example, if your website is all about selling mobile phones, there shouldn’t be a stock image of food within your content. This can negativity impact your business’ productivity. Images should be thought of as way to match with a position zero snippet. Your image should complement your content, not be irrelevant from it.


[1] Google Blog – Learn and do more with Lens in Google Images