Rock of Ages, Google Play, and My Samsung Galaxy Note II

Who Doesn't Love 80's Rock?

What do Rock of Ages, Google Play, and My Samsung Galaxy Note II have in common? We have the answer for you.

I am 37 years old now. I remember 1987 quite well, but I was in middle school. It was a very different world back then. I am pretty sure I liked Michael Jackson and Pop music at the time. Today, I am very much a contemporary country music fan.

Rock of Ages filmed 2 years ago right around the block from my office at a facility I knew as “The Edge” (later to be The Chili Pepper… Now I think it is called the Green Room). I was interested in the movie when it was released. The reviews were bad and I swear I didn’t know anyone that saw it and knew how good it really was – so I didn’t see it in the theaters.

Since it came out on HBO, I have seen the movie 5-6 times. It is the movie that every time it is on, I can watch it. Tom Cruise as the 80s Rocker? Love it! Alec Baldwin singing? Love it! Amazing 80s music – the reason to watch the movie!

This morning I really wanted to listen to the soundtrack. I have been too busy to buy it on iTunes and transfer it to my iPod, so I tried buying it on my Note II through the Google Play store. I was impressed in every way and got to listen to it all morning (and now playing in the background on my PC).

Screenshot from this morning a few minutes after I decided I had to have it:

I noticed one comment on Google Play that said Rock of Ages is like the Grease of our generation. I am good with that. This is an amazing movie. It is a guilty pleasure. If you are between 50 and 32, this is a movie that you have to see.