COVID-19 Business Resource Series: Essential Remote Work Tools

Introducing Tandem Interactive’s COVID-19 Business Resource Series, where we will update the community regularly for industry-specific tips and offer our best solutions in minimizing the economic risk many businesses may endure during this critical time. Tandem appreciates your trust in us and will continue to be your valued digital marketing partner during this pandemic.


As we face social distancing, quarantines, and government-issued lockdowns, companies must reevaluate their strategies and daily work processes. Many businesses are moving to remote work where possible in order to contain the spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus disease 2019, and protect the health and wellbeing of their employees. As the leading Fort Lauderdale SEO company, Tandem Interactive has already taken precautionary measures and is utilizing online software for efficient operations. Tandem has compiled a list of essential remote work tools to help keep your business running smoothly in the wake of this national emergency.

Communication Tools

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a business resource favorite amongst Team Tandem. Easy to use, simple, and effective, it makes for easy collaboration via messaging and video chatting. All you need is a Gmail account and you’re good to go!


Slack has a variety of integrations available, as well as the ability to sync other remote tools so that you can receive all of your platform notifications in one place. It’s hip and great for keeping items in specific areas to avoid confusion and keep communication focused.


Skype is the classic video and voice chat software that has become popular worldwide for its availability and zero cost. It’s a basic option and because it is so common it makes for an easy way to communicate and work together as a team and between company and client.

Project Management Tools


Another favorite of the Tandem Interactive team, Asana is a clean task manager that allows team members to view and assign projects, monitor due dates and progress, and track time.


Trello is a project management tool used to assign tasks and their respective deadlines to individuals or groups, with built-in functionality to upload attachments from your cloud storage drives.


As far as project management tools go, JIRA is highly robust. It allows for bug tracking, making it optimal for web development teams and marketing teams.

Storage and File Organizers

Google Drive

As Michael Scott reminds us in The Office, Keep It Simple Stupid. The KISS principle is relevant when it comes to determining appropriate cloud software to use for your organization. As far as business resources go, Google is the go-to for many, including cloud software. Google Drive is a great basic cloud storage and file organizer with real-time document editing and collaboration. Did we mention its free?


If you’re looking to unload some heftier files, you may want to turn to Dropbox as your cloud storage tool. Dropbox tends to be the favorite amongst most design and software development teams. Dropbox has also mimicked Google with its app Paper, where employees are able to collaborate on a document in real-time.

Microsoft OneDrive

If you already have the Microsoft suite, OneDrive is a great storage and file organizer option. A bonus to using OneDrive is that if your business uses Outlook, you can directly store email attachments into OneDrive, taking away some of the hassle of moving your files around.

Team Management


Document your daily accomplishments in IDoneThis, a team management platform that collects teammate information and sends out morning recaps of the team happenings. IDoneThis provides easy daily check-ins and progress reports to ensure your team stays on track when doing remote work.

Time Doctor

An essential remote work tool, TimeDoctor allows for integrations like project manager Asana to easily keep track of time used on certain project, minimizing hassle when it comes time to bill clients. See where team members are dedicating their time and which tasks require additional support with this easy to use application. Don’t forget that it takes a lot of time out of timesheet creation!


Remote work often poses the challenge of team members being on varied schedules, so utilize Doodle to easily coordinate meetings and other business events. Send out a Doodle poll via email and view everyone’s availability for synchronistic team management.

Other Remote Work Essentials


It’s not always easy to describe with words what you want or need. Make communication easier by using Skitch, the remote work essential that allows teams to annotate, markup, and sketch out ideas.


Make sure everyone on your team has access to necessary accounts via LastPass, a username and password organizer. This one has saved plenty of hassle and unnecessary email time for Tandem Interactive and is one reason why we are the premier digital marketing agency in South Florida.

Social Media

Finally, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, you cannot forget that social media accounts are essential business resources for your company. They provide an easy way to communicate with your clients, customers, and community, especially when changes are rapid. Aside from the usual Twitter and Instagram, a trend we expect to see is in the upcoming months for companies and consumers is the use of YouTube for prominent social media engagement. Creating YouTube video marketing strategy is challenging for many companies who do not have the time for in-depth content creation, but it is important to know why you should include video content in your marketing strategy. To keep up with your business’s changing marketing campaign needs during this health crisis, look to Tandem Interactive for social media marketing assistance.

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