Negative SEO Tactics to Avoid

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Protect your website against negative SEO tactics that can affect your rankings. Having a skillful digital marketing agency in your corner to fight against malicious black hat SEO can give you peace of mind.

Not only does the Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency Tandem Interactive provide your company website with positive SEO and boost your search engine rankings, but we also stand guard for negative SEO tactics, better known as “Black Hat SEO”. Negative SEO is a set of activities taken against your website that lowers its overall value, and ultimately drops your rankings, costing you potential business and referrals.

Malicious competitors may try to use Black Hat SEO against your website, or you might try a few website exposure tactics that you may not realize are harmful.  Either way, it’s very important that your marketing agency helps you protect your website, and keep it operating at top potential value.

Which negative SEO does Tandem Interactive watch out for?

Hidden / Invisible Text

Invisible text may sound like a cool concept, but in the world of SEO, it’s a terrible idea. This occurs when site owners make their text color match the background of their site, and stuff keywords in innocuous places where people aren’t very likely to click. The goal is to stuff keywords throughout the site to help it rank for those terms, without doing any real SEO work that Tandem does to deserve those rankings.

This can be confusing, since inbound links are usually good for a site. However, when a set of web pages are created with the sole aim of linking to a target page to improve that page’s search engine ranking, Google will penalize the link farms and the target site for using them.

This occurs when someone falsely claims that you’ve posted material that belongs to them. Google will penalize your site if they believe you’re posting someone else’s original content. This can result in your pages being removed for multiple days upon review – something that can be very harmful during a big campaign.

Modifying Content

Minimal modifications in your content might go unnoticed, but they can have damaging effects to your site. If an attacker adds spammy content to your website, or redirects your pages to their website, they may be increasing their own PageRank while decreasing yours. This is a bit complicated, because it involves on site Negative SEO, but it can happen right under your digital nose.


This Negative SEO tactic is a given. What’s just as bad as being hacked is when Google catches wind of it and adds “this site may be hacked” to your search listings – almost guaranteeing no one is clicking on it.

The internet is full of people running rampant, so website security is high on Tandem’s list of priorities. Our team watches out for your business with regular audits, disavows of bad links, and advanced SEO tools that monitor the security and activity within your website.

Google doesn’t like to be cheated – it likes fair competition amongst websites. Fortunately, Google is pretty good at detecting when negative SEO is occurring. Combine this with the marketing expertise at our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency, and your site will prosper.