How to Improve Your Quality Scores in AdWords

How to Improve Your Quality Scores in AdWords

When it comes to using AdWords, your quality score is an important factor. It’s crucial to make sure that your quality score is hitting the right marks for creating positive ads. Not sure where to start? Contact our team at Tandem Interactive. We are a trusted PPC marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale and we can help you create the best quality ads for your online marketing needs.

First things first- what is a quality score? A quality score measures your ad’s relevance to what users are expecting to see when searching a keyword. It scores between 1 and 10, with 10 being the best score you can receive. These scores decide where your ad gets placed when compared to competitors. If you want your business to rank on Google AdWords, it’s important to pursue a higher quality score.

Quality Scores are given to keywords in AdWords based on three factors: click-through rate, landing page relevance, and ad relevance. AdWords predicts the percentage of people who click on your ad (click-through rate) and the higher that number, the higher your quality score. Your landing page also factors into the equation. If your landing page isn’t responsive on all devices or isn’t relevant to your keyword, your quality score will decrease. When it comes to ad relevance, you should always make sure your ad copy uses the keywords in your ad group. The more relevant your ad, the higher the quality score.

The quality score is important to keep in mind when working on various parts of your ad. Our PPC marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale offers a variety of unique service offerings to improve your online marketing. We have put together the following guide on how to keep your AdWords quality score riding high.

Landing Page Changes: Landing page changes can affect your quality score, so make sure your page stays relevant to the keywords and focus of your ad. Landing pages should be responsive so that no matter what device people are using, your site is user-friendly. Make sure your landing page passes the Google Mobile-Friendly Test and the Google Page Speed Insights test as well. If you want your business to rank on Google, with or without AdWords, these are important factors.

Extensions: Extensions are an important part of a quality score because they improve your click-through rate and overall campaign performance. Google automatically shows the highest performing extensions and formats (those with the highest click-through rates) so those ads with good extensions will contribute to an ad’s good quality score.

Location Targeting: This one is simple- the more targeted your location, the more specific your ad can be. The more specific an ad, the better its click-through rate. Remember, click-through rate increases bring a higher quality score. Make sure your ads are targeted by location and the copy is relevant to the local area.

Ad Group and Text Changes: Ad group changes and text ad changes can negatively affect your quality score if you aren’t careful. Your keywords and ad texts are related, so if you delete or remove that link, you can tank your quality score. Make sure you move your keywords from one group to another and copy ads from group to group. Never delete anything or you’ll risk hurting your quality score. Our PPC marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale can help you make smooth changes to ad groups and text.

Negative Keyword Audit: Make sure you use negative keywords in your ad group. These words will prevent your ad from showing up when certain keywords are searched. While that may seem counter-productive, it is just as important to keep people who aren’t in your target market from seeing your ads as it is to promote to your target market. The more targeted your ad, the higher your click-through rate and thus the higher your quality score.